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Shradha kannan

‌Sulochana was daughter of couple Manjunath and Saraswathi. She was a very self centred girl. She thinks only about herself. She even goes to the extent of doing malpractices to win. Her elder brother was prabhakar. His nature was opposite of that of sulochana. Her parents doesn't know sulochana's true nature. Her brother knows her nature. He used to tell parents. But they were not believing him. He tries to advise her. But she never used to listen. She fights with him and says "who are you to advise me??". He was helpless and afraid to even talk to her. He was hating her. When they grew up prabhakar was married to surabhi who was sweet good at heart. They then had a son and named him Rajesh. Nere by there lived a young politician named Krishna Prasad. He was a gentleman and was doing good for the society. Sulochana want to have political power so that she can survive. She wants huge amount of money and property. To survive she even goes to the extent of killing someone. She cheats everyone. She conducts such a way that everyone believes her. So to get political power she fell in love with Krishna Prasad. As time passed she convinced parents and married him. she bought a huge house with her corrupt money and they were living there.Shortly sulochana and Krishna Prasad were blessed with a girl baby. They named her sushmitha. They were raising her fondly. Sushmitha was very sweet and innocent. She is affectionate with everyone. But she was unaware of her mother's true nature. She is very brilliant and talented. She was class topper in school. Sulochana was trying many ways to grab her husband's political power indirectly. She was trying to influence him by mingling with him sweetly. He slowly started doubting her. Then he got little idea that her idea of marrying him is for political power. Then he scolded her and said "you cheated me. " He refused to give her power. Sulochana then got idea of killing Krishna Prasad and grab his power. She started planning. One day while Krishna Prasad was traveling via two wheeler for a political work she arranged a lorry driver who was a goon to hit and kill him. She asked goon to pretend as if he was drunk so that nobody gets doubt on her. Her plan was successful and Krishna Prasad was dead on spot. Whole state was grieving his death since he was a gem of a person. Sushmitha was wailing and was heartbroken that she lost her beloved father. Sulochana was shedding crocodile tears in the funeral so that nobody gets doubt on her. Sulochana was then consoling her daughter and was raising her. But sushmitha didn't have any idea that her mother only killed her father. So she was so attached and affection to her mother. Sushmitha was very large hearted unlike her mother. She was genuine and honest. She goes by justice in every aspect. She grew up and graduated her engineering. She was University gold medalist and then took up a job and was working. She had a nearby childhood friend charulatha. She was also a gem of a person. They were best friends and understanding each other. Charulatha was interested in joining politics. She then became a politician and started doing services. She was also brilliant. Sulochana as usual was doing corrupt works. She thinks that by cheating others, making black money she can survive. She has done lot of such work that the society was unaware. She thought that her crimes can be covered only by money and bribery.

One day sushmitha visited charulatha's workplace. Charulatha was brilliant. She was exploring many things and then got all evidences of sulochana's crimes. Sushmitha also got to know all these. She saw all evidences. She also got to know that her mother has killed her father Krishna Prasad. She was shocked. She fell unconscious. Charulatha then rushed her to hospital and got her admitted. Charulatha and her parents were taking care of her. This news spread soon and was published in newspapers along with proof. Sulochana's parents got to know this news. Sulochana's mother Saraswathi then got a heart attack and then fell unconscious. She was then rushed to hospital by her husband manjunath, son prabhakar and daughter in law surabhi. She was admitted and has to undergo surgery. Everybody were taking care of her. When sushmitha gained consciousness and become better she was discharged and taken to charulath's house. She was very weak. She was heartbroken that her mother is a cheat. She didn't get parents love. She was crying always. She was not eating properly and was very weak Then charulatha and her parents consoling her saying that they are her parents. " You and charulatha are same for us. We will take care of you and give love and affection. You stay with us". She was then gaining strength. She started to hate sulochana. She was attached to charulatha's parents like her own parents. She was also very helpful to them. Sulochana found that her daughter is missing. While searching for her she came accross hospital where her mother got admitted. It was the time for her discharge. Her family was just bringing her out of hospital. She then rushed to enquire. Then her brother, father and sister in law were scolding her and said "all because of you. We didn't expect this from you. Please get lost. Our relationship ends here. You are nothing for us". She then asked what happened?? They then threw the newspaper on her face and then proceeded to home. She was then returning to her place. Then she saw sushmitha in charulatha's place. She then went there and asked "baby, how come you are here?? Come home. " Then sushmitha scolded her mother " all because of you. I never expected this from you. You killed my innocent father. You did many crimes. You are a cheat. From now onwards I disown you. You are no more my mother. Charu's parents are my parents and charu is my sister. Please get lost. I don't want to see your ugly face". Sulochana was bit sad that she lost all her near and dear ones. Whole society started hating her. With corrupt money she escaped punishment for her crimes. She tried many ways to patch up with her daughter and family. But useless. Prabhakar and family then started visiting sushmitha in charulatha's house. They become family friends. Prabhakar's son Rajesh fell in love with charulatha and then got married. Sulochana came to the venue of rajesh's wedding. But she was thrown away. They then got sushmitha married to a boy suman who was a gem. Sulochana tried visiting her daughter's wedding. But was thrown out. She visited her parents on their wedding anniversary with gift. But they threw her out. Many days experiencing like this she started getting agony. She was alone in her place. She then started realising her crimes one after the other. Then she started repenting. She realised value of people. She lost her beloved daughter and parents. That was most painful. She started hating herself. She realised that people, love and affection are more precious than money, property, power. She felt that without love and affection what is the use of money?? She felt that she is in her place which is an empty nest. She then felt that she became invalid and then surrendered herself to the court by revealing all her crimes. She then demanded hang to death punishment. She was hung to death by the court. Everybody arrived at her funeral and shed crocodile tears. Sushmitha's husband who was a writer wrote the entire life story of sulochana as a book "love and affection - the most precious property" and got it published. The book was released and then charulatha the members of politics gave speech explaining the book. She made people understand and then reshaped the society.

Shradha kannan

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