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She entered the world with a heart full of love. She got nothing to give to others but her selfless love ( because she thought that would be enough). But she was dropped by the one she never expected. She was hurt and she was broken. That pushed her to question herself "Am I not good enough?" but it was always unanswered. But she tried to get up because her heart still believed in love. And when she loved she was crushed by this world once again, the world made her believe she was unlovable.

The world compared her with others, mocked her for not having a perfect body. Humiliated her and pinned her down when she tried to prove herself. Because of this world she stopped believing in love, she lost her smile. She felt ugly, humiliated, broken and crushed. And the same question haunted her everytime "Am I not good enough?" "Why I am not perfect like others?"

One day she caught herself looking in the mirror. She looked like a dead. Suddenly a voice whispered, "You look sad but you're still pretty." She turned sharply because she knew she was alone. And there she was. A replica of her standing in her room. But something was off with her. She looked physically hurt, pale and vulnerable.

"Who are you?" She questioned.

"I am your inside voice or probably a soul but you and I are connected." The replica answered.

"But you look pathetic. Who did this to you?"

And to her surprise the replica motioned towards her.

"You mean I did this to you? Are you crazy?"

The replica dropped to her knees on the ground and she moved towards her but stopped in the midway when the replica replied,

"Everytime you blamed yourself that you were not enough when people dropped you. Everytime you cursed yourself for not being perfect. Everytime you hated yourself when people stopped loving you. And when people stopped loving you or made you feel unlovable or unworthy you stopped believing in love. You forgot yourself that while loving others you also need to be loved."

"But how could I love myself when people couldn't love me because I am not perfect. I don't even have a beautiful face and body."

The replica flinched a little but replied anyway,

"Whenever you say bad things about me I get hurt too. Don't you think imperfections are the proof that we are humans. And whenever you disrespect yourself for not being perfect you will be directly disrespecting the creation of God. You are a part of this nature and this universe and no one can deny that not even you."

The replica started fading a little bit she continued,

"You think you're not pretty and perfect right? Have you ever seen yourself how your naturally straight hairs look when you pushed them in front of your shoulders? You were just busy cursing yourself. Have you ever noticed that those spectacles suits you? But you know what the real beauty lies behind it. The real beauty lies within you."

"Okay just tell me how can I help you?"She said in a pleading tone.

"You can only help me when you stop cursing yourself and start praising yourself. When the world stopped loving you, you also stopped loving you and that was the time when you needed to love yourself the most. Just remember you can't pour from an empty cup. Remember all the positive points that I told about you. I believe you have a good heart and hopefully you will start loving yourself too. And when you accept yourself as who you are and when you will never stop loving yourself even when you're at your worst I will be healed eventually. And when you will smile I will rise again."

The replica faded into nothingness and she got back to reality. The sunlight peeped through the curtains. She moved in front of the mirror and did what her soul told her to do. She pushed her hairs in front of her. She also noticed that specs look good on her. She came to closer to the mirror and removed her specs. Then she realised that she got big brown eyes that shone a little when it came into contact with the light. And she was surprised to hear herself saying, "Your eyes are pretty." And that was the moment she fell in love with herself. She moved away a bit from the mirror and examined herself fully remembering every thing the soul told her. And after so so long a little smile played on her lips.

And though it was a sad smile it was the indication of the belief that she will rise again!



Amisha Gupta

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May 16, 2023
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

A perfect story to understand what self love is & how much it is important in one's own life❤️


May 15, 2023
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.




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