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ROZIYA : An accidental love story

Love!.. What is this love? This question used to bother me a lot. How do people fall in love? This question used to roam in my mind. But it is said that unless something happens to us, we do not know about it. The same thing happened to me when I fell in love, then I came to know what is this love. Let’s start the accidental love story…………… This all started when I was studying in class eleventh and searching for a tution class for further study. I had chosen a tutorial and got admission there. But my previous experience regarding tution were not too good and I was thinking that this time I’ll get similar experiences. Now it was my turn to go to tution. On the first day when I reached the class the lecture had already started. I was little nervous about the teachers and the class. The first lecture was of chemistry. The chemistry teacher looked at me and asked me my name. I answered in stunned voice ”sir, my name is Rohan”. Sir smiled and started the lecture again. Till now I could not understand why he smiled. First was little bored. I couldn’t manage to make a single friend. But as time passed, I had some friends. A week had passed nothing were happening interesting…. On the eighth day of tution, I was still late. The evening of 29th July 2019 as soon as I entered the class, I don’t know why but my heartbeat suddenly increased. On the last bench of the last row in the row of girls, I saw that beautiful face. Suddenly I lost my senses. It felt like I was in another world. Oh God! Those eyes, that hair, that face is such a beauty that words fall short in it’s praise. That day, I could not take my eyes off her. But I couldn’t muster up the courage to talk to her. Meanwhile her friends call her name ’ZIYA’. As soon as I heard that name, I was fascinated by that name. There have been many changes in me. I started talking to myself, I used to get lost in her thoughts. I thought I was in love..

One day at evening shift biology lecture was going on. Biology teacher was always very Frank to us and he was too funny. He was explaining something to us by giving such examples. He called upon me to stand first then Ziya to give an example. I was looking at her and she was looking at me. Suddenly sir asked the whole class what be the name of the product if we got it from Rohan and Ziya. Somewhere from some corner someone’s voice came ‘Roziya’. We both were looking at each other blushing. Here both of our names were associated with each other’s name. Till now I had made lots of friends. Everyone was teasing me by calling ‘Roziya Roziya’. Same was the case with her. Her friends teased her and she just smiles on it. Little things started between the two of us. While taking to her, I used to looked at her eyes. The journey of this love story had started moving forward….. We both were in love with eachother. We started talking everywhere on the mobile or in the class. Even if she was not with me, the feeling of her being was always with me. It felt like life had got the right direction. Now we started talking by the eyes. Just by looking at each other’s face, we were able to understand what was going on in our mind. Now both of us started chatting online till late night. We used to wait for each other’s call. After tution we used to stop at the near by street and talk. One day on the same street, I proposed her. She first shook her head in yes shyly and then said “ I love you too”. Now both of us were tied in the bond of love. We had become the reason for each other’s life. That street of tution had become a lover’s point. We started hanging out together and started spending time together. The whole story was spread in tution class. We were on everyone’s target. All the teachers, all my friends, all started teasing us. Then both of us told our love story in our homes. The family members also agreed for our love. Right now both of us are together and very happy in our love life. I have got her by the grace of God. The love between us will never diminish. I’llalways be grateful to the tution that I got love in form of Ziya because of it. I LOVE YOU ZIYA.


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