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Paravati | Krunal Rangari

Somewhere in the forests of Madhya Pradesh the locals went to burry one of the villager after his death there during excavation the found some unique and antique things. They were amazed to find such things, when one of the men found a key and as soon as he get hold of it cold winds started blowing and the villagers ran away in fear, keeping the things their. Next day they informed the police about last evening incidents and hence archaeological department was called. Mr. Gosh head of department had sent one of her best officer Eesha who was made the in charge of the excavation.

After working the whole day they loaded everything in a truck that they had got and while travelling back to Delhi they were looted by the thugs in a forest. Now Eesha was accused of being the mastermind behind the loot. Mr. Gosh asked her either to prove herself innocent or find the royal court of Durgaeshwari. The palace was said to be haunted and hence no one was able to find that royal court. It was said in the ancient books that it was one of the most prosperous court filled with gold and many other jewels.

Further Eesha went to the palace of Durgaeshwari state with two archaeologist’s and one police constable. The palace was turned into a resort but none lived there as it was a haunted place. Even Eesha and her team experienced some unearth happenings. Than one night Eesha was sleeping in her room when she heard some announcements of the court. She left in the direction of the sounds with her team. They all got dispersed in different directions. Eesha came in front of secret door which first appeared to be a wall.

After the secret door opened Eesha went inside and suddenly the rest of the team heard her screaming. They ran towards the sound and stood in front of that secret door, firstly they hesitated but them went inside the door to save Eesha. They entered the dark corridor holding torches in their hands and reached the royal court. They saw Eesha sitting on the throne looking down. Later the officer’s realised that they had found the court. They started to admire the pale beauty of that court and tried to talk to Eesha but she didn’t responded. Finally one of the teammate went to her and kept his hand on her shoulder. Suddenly she outburst in anger and soon the team members realised that that she was possessed by the ghost of Queen Paravati.

Next day when the servants came to their work they realised that everyone from the team were lost except one officer who was lying unconscious in a corridor. Soon the officer was admitted in the hospital and Samar was informed of Eesha’s missing. Samar was Eesha’s fiancé. Mr. Gosh and Samar went to talk to that officer in hospital. He told that they had found that hidden royal court but the ghost of Queen Paravati had possessed Eesha and therefore everyone became curious about the story.

Parvati was the daughter of king Maheshwa of state Durgaeshwari. Once Paravati went to play hunt where she was attacked by the enemies but a traveller named Devendra saved her life. Devendra used to travel from county to country and used to show his sword skills. Impressed by his bravery the king offered him to stay in his kingdom. Gradually Paravati and Devendra fell in love and decided to get married. The king offered Devendra the throne but he declined saying that Paravati deserved it. When Paravati was declared the queen one of the minister’s resisted the decision saying that a lady can’t rule a kingdom. After hearing the thoughts of that minister Paravati insulted him for his thinking and hence the minister developed resentment for Paravati.

On the night of their marriage the minister with the enemy king attacked Durgaeshwari. In the battle Paravati lost her father and her love. When she was about to kill that traitor someone stabbed her from back. Before she could see him her soul left her body. From then she had been guarding her state even after her death.

After hearing the story of Parvati that officer took them to that secret door behind which the royal court was hidden. As they entered the court they saw another two officer’s lying unconscious on the ground and Eesha in same state sitting on the throne. Immediately everyone were transferred to hospital. Gosh informed about the court to his minister friend Rathi.

In night Rathi and his men came to loot the court but Paravati possessing Eesha sat there and killed everyone who tried to loot the property of her state. Again after year’s history repeated itself when once again Parvati was about to kill the minister, she was again stabbed from behind and both the time it was their love. Then Devendra had killed Paravati and now Samar had stabbed Eesha. Devendra was the son of one of the king killed by King Maheshwa and that traitor minister was his uncle. Now, Samar was the son of minister Rathi and he was the one who disclosed the route that Eesha had choose while bringing those antiques from the forests. Now, Paravati knew the truth and she decided to punish the guilty. She killed Rathi and Samar for betraying in love. After the justice Paravati went back to her throne and announced her statement of saving her state from evil powers and again the door closed forever.

Krunal Rangari

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