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Pancake: A Short Story | Parth Mehta

A group of 5 adorable birds who are as cute as weebills and tropical parulas live together in a beautiful big cage, their names are Bluecheese, pancake, Cherrypop, Caramel, and Butternut. Their master is a good women, she allows them to fly out and return to her as often as they like. Her daughter also has a big heart, she feeds them new birdfeed every day, pets them, and cares for them.

One winter morning all of them gather around a tree, ready to take flight. A gush of cold breeze touches them lightly and they spread their wings and take flight, they fly around the town slowly and speedily, having fun along the way by chirping their song in unison, soon other birds from nearby homes joined them, the view was spectacular. Then, all of a sudden, a heavy snowfall occurred without warning and covered them all down below with cold snow. One day later one of the five birds woke up, it was a white bird with blue color on the side of the face, its wings, legs and feet. Its eyes were big and cute, but right now they were big with wonder as to where do its friends go? After collecting every ounce of confidence, it flew in search of its friends.

It flew all over the town until it saw 3 uneven heaps of snow. With all the hope in the world, it landed where the heaps were. It used all the strength in its beak to uncover the snow, to its surprise, they were alive. Now all they needed to do was find their last friend, after searching for a while they found a flat pile of snow from which a plastic pack was sticking out, as they dragged it out they were all thinking “please not let it be our friend.” But unfortunately it was their friend. The packet had a flattened out square pancake with purple color on its sides and eyes onn top and feet pressed under, the cruel humans didn’t even bother to gouge out the eyes and feet. It was indeed their last friend and ironically it was pancake. The 4 birds took pancake home. They couldn’t believe it, but the truth was that their friend was no more. With a heavy heart their master and her daughter cooked it and ate it together with their pets. Now pancake lived within all of them. Alternate ending As pancake was being cooked, it miraculously came back to life, feeling the burn it jumped up with a loud chirp. Within seconds it bloated back into its original shape, the five bird friends reunited together.

Parth Mehta

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