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"...Our story is not over." A letter by Subhalaxmi Panda

Dear you,

Here to acknowledge and appreciate everything you have done for me and everything you've been to me, surprisingly just by existing and being yourself. You know that strange feeling when you know someone is there, somewhere, having your back, wishing you the best, inspiring your very being, every single day. As time goes by, we normalize this strangeness and this feeling becomes real cause it is real. You inspire me just by existing. What more could i ask for? As stupid as it may sound, it is real just like you and me. Universe has other plans, perhaps, we are two people with same vision, far away from each other, no I would rather say, two railway tracks, forever together but never with each other. Am I sounding cliché? I beg your pardon but your existence has been the biggest blessing of my life, cause you make me get up with a dream every morning and fall asleep with the same dream turning into reality, every night. We decided to be our best versions, intellectuals, to filter the best out of us and its fair, cause for us my dear, the calling of our ancestors was more important than the calling of our hearts, that remained unheard, although not unknown. I promise you our story isn't over, just yet. I made my decision, cause you know mountains are beautiful only from a distance, as you move nearer, the rocks pebbles all you see? I never wanted you to face any kind of difficulties. I take it on me, to clear the path for you and for me, most importantly, for us, to be together and I promise you, our story is not over.


The one you inspire every single day

Written by: Subhalaxmi Panda

Instagram : @if.i.speak

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