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Om learns gratitude and other good values by Niriksha Patel

I am Niriksha patel and I was raised in a traditional Gujarati family, since childhood it was instilled in us that we have to be home makers and take care of the family. However after my college there was this voice inside me which kept on prodding me that I want to be more than that. I was talented in fashion designing but I did not want to pursue a career in that. A couple of years after my child was born I started meditation. This was the best thing I did for myself. I had always loved to read books and meditation gave me clarity that I should write books, but I was confused as to what kind of books should I write.

While raising my boy i realized that we are so obsessed that our child should be up to date with all the skills, we make them join so many classes so that they don't feel inferior to anyone.

Although we have their best interest in our heart but by doing that we are actually instilling insecurity in them. Subconsciously we are telling them that if they are not best at everything than they are a failure. Imagine the pressure we are putting on our kids. We are teaching them that it's not OK to fail, it's not OK to make mistakes.

God has not made us to compete with each other, he made us to empower each other. So lets empower our kids with the knowledge that rather than being best at everything, we all should focus on fulfilling our wishes. That is why I wrote my 1st book 'Om learns gratitude and other good values' to teach them that our wishes are meant to be fulfilled and there are myriad of ways to fulfill our wishes. In this book I have explained the concept of gratitude, visualization, positive affirmations, good karma, giving before receiving and self love.

It is important to teach them about self love. The Self love that is unconditional, love that should be felt even if our child fails, makes mistakes or does not fulfill our expectation. I hope that my book empowers the children's of this generation so that they can make our world a loving place to live in.

Along with Om, you can teach your kids good values by clicking on the link given below.

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