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OH VENUS | Irin Anna Cherian

She softly touched me, those long fingers ran through my body creating a shiver. She kissed my neck, I didn’t resist, neither attempted to touch her, her hair fell on my thighs like a feather, she was too young for my age, but it doesn’t matter. The tiredness of looking at the endless galaxy trying to find the unknown that’s what I’ve done for all my life, now it was time, I deserve pleasure, I knew it. But she was more interesting than a night sky full of stars. Harsh lips, small eyes, and brown skin. Beauty flowed but it’s not beauty but the way she touched me that made me fall for her, Fierce like Venus. But amazement came when she opened her mouth

“How can you remain in order in a world full of chaos?”

“It’s simple, we assume that everything is in order”, I answered kissing her on the cheek

“So, you believe in a lie?”

“Everyone does, what’s your interest in chaos”

“It’s fascinating isn’t it?”

“What else interests you?”

“I like to know more about people, their truths, their lives” she wrapped her arms around me pressing her naked breasts with my chest and continued “their deception, their deceit.” My unintended laughter made her uncomfortable, but her calm was unshakable

“Why is it so hard for you to believe that I love what I do?, there are just two times when a person is extremely truthful, just before they die and the other when they are extremely in love, or should I say in sex, so I had two options, she kissed my chest leaving a mark and continued “be a murderer or to be the one who delivers pleasure. I wanted to be a murderer but ended up here"

“Thanks to that choice”

She took the red wine poured it to my body, slowly licking it, tasting me, she whispered

“What do you think the answer is?”

I didn’t mean to answer it, but her look was captivating


She slowly allowed me to get into her so that I couldn’t resist answering her

“It’s nothing, you know, no white light, no murmur, no green lands just nothing”

“Is it good?” she moaned

“It’s not good, not bad, it’s just nothing” I screamed with pleasure

“So the chaos is for nothing, love is for nothing “

She gifted me with a smile and a kiss as a present

“When will you say this loud?”

“By dawn”

She kissed me one last time so hard, I thought I was sucked to a black hole and melted into the darkness. I was choking but shouting in anger

“Oh Venus, why don’t you show yourselves one more time, so that humankind may know the fraud you played for years, Oh... Venus, show yourself one more time and say to them that you chained them to life for decades”.

I said no more to mankind.

Irin Anna Cherian

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