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My journey to the world of words

Writing has always been my best friend in the times when I was broke, when I was brittle, when I was lost...

After countless errors I went through in my life, I felt this utter incompleteness when it came to a friend.

That's when I decided to pick up the ink pen that played around my desk and the paper to accompany the lonely soul. Writing has been my wingman for quite a while now and it has been a great journey exploring the depths of this amazing skill by which only a few are blessed.

Words and language, are mere tools of communication, but I consider them as my assets. Writing has always been my best friend in the times when I was broke when I was brittle when I was lost... I used to scribble down my thoughts into a paper and it made me feel like a long chatter with a lost friend. Paper and pen were and are my only pals, sharing my mind and heart with them are what I love to do when I am down. Writing articles, poems, features, short stories are probably considered as skills but scribbling down what you feel, what you wanna say but can't, what you wanna make others feel is rather a process to calm yourself down and experience a cathartic phase.

It's been 5 long years since I grabbed my pen and traveled the word of literature as a lone wolf, conquering various hearts and minds in order to spread my emotions and thoughts.

I write not because I want to become a writer, not because it is supposed to look "artistic", not because to boast and sharpen my skills, I write: because I feel like it because it makes me feel calm and confident because its something that has engraved itself inside my existence, for it has now started to grow inside me and become a part of my life.

Writing had always been something that attracted a few. Nowadays not everyone is an avid reader or a skilled writer, so becoming one cannot entirely depend on the fact that it will make you famous or something like that therefore I never considered writing as a professional task. It has always stayed beside me as a buddy and an aid to pull me back to my feet when in trouble or when I'm out of energy.

As I grew up, I saw many things in my life. My mind started to unfold and my eyes started to see more. The knowledge this world provided me with started to reflect on the art I made. The surroundings I grew up in started to take shape into the world of words I carved out on a piece of paper. I learned that writing was an excellent method to exhibit your identity in a really creative way. My writeups started to take shape of something that I wanted it to become, my hold in language and vocabulary started to flourish, I could feel that my maturity was not only reflected in my age but the things I started to take interests in and the facts that I wanted to confirm into. The love for reading and writing started to bloom into me as time passed. Starting from Dan brown to Amish, Harold Robbins, and many more, I started to explore the various genres that laid ahead of me making up my way to something great and divine. I used to write and am writing what I feel. Every small detail, every second, and every nook and corner of my emotion, I try to copy it into the paper.

The lengths that writing can take you are huge. I myself was able to grow a lot faster when I discovered that language is not only something that can be used as a communication tool, but also a treasure that can make you relish your life and enjoy the most out of it. The world of books, paper, and ink was truly amazing and I swore my loyalty to this world a long time ago. When I first picked up that ink pen and started to scribble few related words, the sense of passion and release of pain it provided had already charmed me from that day. Till today I consider writing as my hobby, and my wingman to accompany me in this thorny world.

-BY Bibashwan Chatterjee


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