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My Compiling Journey

Updated: May 8, 2021

Being a part of SOT is a bliss.

Being tired of everything you just need a silent space. A space where you can actually read your thoughts and soothe your heart with the unsaid words. Well this Untraveled Walk is your escape where being lost on the outside you find your inner peace!

Walking down the road you will come across 60 writers trying to catch up your feelings with their scribbled ink.

I published my first anthology ‘Untraveled Walk’ under Spectrum of thoughts publication. To be honest, I was able to complete it with the help of Mayuri Valanju, my mentor for this project. She was always available to help me out. It’s said your journey becomes easier if you have a companion at your side. Mayuri was my that companion.

Spectrum of thoughts (SOT) is a publication where writers are not differentiated at any cost. May you be a compiler, a co-author or a project manager all are treated as equals. The communication is not just until the compilation, they are available for anytime you contact them.

This was about the publication, when you come to compilation of my anthology it was the best compilation I c

an think of. The theme of my anthology was open even the genre was nothing special but common quote and

poetry but still my book was beautifully formatted by SOT. They always give preference to quality. My book cover was designed in such a way that I never thought the outcome of my book would be so charming.

When the book was finally launched after 1 month of patience it was all worth it. The co- authors thanked me for making them a part of Untraveled Walk.

There were Instagram stories and live sessions for the book launching. And, it was all possible because of SOT.

When the book was delivered to my doorstep and I opened the book it was just amazing. The page quality, book cover, everything was just perfect like I imagined.

Being a part of SOT is a bliss.


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