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'Mr. Bhaskar's Incredible Cycle Journey' by Sachin Parnerkar

Sachin Sharad Parnerkar works as an IT professional and is extreme passionate about sports adventures, travelling and cycling.

Mr. Bhaskar is his uncle and his cycle journey always has fascinated Mr. Sachin from childhood and this is an effort to document and tribute for such an extraordinary journey done by him. Set in the year 1974, this is one of the courageous cycle journey

This book is about the Incredible Cycle Journey in the year 1974, when Mr. Bhaskar travelled from Bokaro Steel City to Rameshwaram and back to Bokaro Steel City. Distance covered was more than 5000 kms in the time frame of around 3.5 months and travelling across 9 states.

The book also touches Father Son Relation and how they were communicating with each other throughout the journey. Mr. Bhaskar ensured that during his entire journey he kept his family up-to-date through letters and telegrams.

During his journey he met lot of people and had so many breath-taking experiences. This book will take you to a beautiful journey and you will also meet officials & friends who helped him in this courageous trip. Throughout this journey you will find at many places that Mr. Bhaskar took a deviation from route and travelled extra kilo-meters just to ensure he meet old friends and colleagues on the way.

The cycle journey of Mr. Bhaskar leaves a deep impact on our heart with the few take away’s as well.

-For doing an extraordinary work you need strong will power.

-Your temperament and enthusiasm should always be high in difficult situation.

-If you have right attitude, altitude in life can be achieved even with less resources.

-Relations are important and they are support in our life.

-Follow your heart and your instincts.

-Life is like hilltop road and we need to keep on driving with balancing the wheels.

So, here I am completing 'Mr Bhaskar’s Incredible Cycle Journey' with few last thoughts.

उम्मीदों का दामन जो कभी नहीं छोड़ता है,

उसका साथ कभी सुख नहीं छोड़ता है।

• Dream High and create spark in life to achieve it.

• Inspiration leads us to path to achieve dreams.

• Happiness is peace and satisfaction of our sou.

So, keep hope alive.

Keep aiming high.

Get inspired, be an inspiration.

Be happy and spread happiness.

Keep Shining.

You can buy this motivational read from the link given below:

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