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Magical Antakshari | Himanshi Kankane

With my phone in one of my hands and coffee in another, I went straight up to the balcony as the power of my room went off to feel the cool, light breeze that was rare in these hot summers. Since there were not many people around, I started playing songs from my 70s playlist. I was sipping my coffee along with looking at the clear blue sky while vibing to 'Acha To Hum Chalte Hai' when I misheard mum calling. So I stopped the music, only to hear 'Ruk Jaa O Dil Deewani' playing in the distant surroundings. I knew that whoever was playing it had started playing it recently, so I looked around anxiously to see where the sound came from. And realized it was the tall, dusky-complexed guy who lived opposite to me and whom I was recently crushing on, playing it. I saw him playing with his pet Milo as he winked at me the moment our eyes met; I smiled at him all flustered. It was then I understood he played it intentionally. I smiled a playful smile and started playing 'Jaane Do Na'. His charcoal black eyes glistened, and he smirked. 'Abhi Na Jao Chodkar, Ke Dil Abhi Bhara Nahi' began playing from his end, and I couldn't help but blush vigorously. Within no time, I picked up the song 'Dhal Gaya Din Ho Gayi Sham Jane Do Jana Hai' as if my brain was in no mood of losing today. He chuckled slyly and started searching the song for his next move. And apparently, it was 'Theher Jaa Hmm Tu Kisi Bahane Se' nice move! I know. This time it was pretty hard for me to think of any, so I came up with 'Someone Will Love You Let Me Go' and flashed a victorious grin. He gave me a smug look as if he already knew all of my moves, and the song began, 'Most Nights I Hardly Sleep When I'm Alone So Please Don't Go'. He laughed teasingly as I made a pout, "Ashu! Pakodas are ready, come and have them while they're still hot." Sigh, the game was over.

Himanshi Kankane

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