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Life In Hyderabad by Queeny Yalangi

"I write about people who are broken Inside, yet beautiful outside" -An excerpt from the book Life in Hyderabad.

Life in Hyderabad book was born out of real incidents which happened around me. As a writer, I search for the stories in people I meet every day. Some people fall in love, some people live in love and some dwell on that pain forever. Some people will be selfish in love, some sacrifice their love while some people never express their feelings. Some stories will have a happy ending while some remain without an ending. So life in Hyderabad is all about such untold stories.

When I was a kid I was fascinated with the bedtime stories my mom and Grandpa used to tell me. That interest made me a bookworm and I started reading uncountable books. Then one day I decided to become an author and started weaving stories out of real-life incidents which happened around me. Life teaches us so many things. We always remember the happiest moments and leave the weak moments behind. But in my book I wrote about those unwanted moments, we brush aside and hide in our thoughts, the moments which make us vulnerable and which also make us strong. The moments where we suffer, stumble, fight back and rise again.

So Life in Hyderabad is all about stories of hope and optimism. Without hope, we cannot live. "An encounter" story is about a girl who falls in love with a man without seeing him. She knows his voice and his laughter but never saw him directly. One day unfortunately they lost contact. She waited for years in search of him with the hope that she can find him one day. That is the power of hope. It makes us do crazy things.

"Unwanted love" is one such story. Some relationships make us Vulnerable. Yet we choose to love the same person though he/she doesn't love us back just the way we love them. We stuck in strained relationships. But it is our hope which makes us believe that one day that person will love us back and everything will be fine. We cry, yell and scream alone feeling suffocated being in a loveless relationship, but our heart will not be ready to believe the truth that someday that relationship will end and we have to part our ways, we even know someday when we wake up from sleep that person won't be next to us. We know we can't feel their touch and feel their breath again, yet we love them madly though for a shorter while. That's what hope does to us. Hope is the only thing that makes us do crazy things in the world.

Life in Hyderabad is all about broken people living in hope. We all are somewhere broken inside and lost in darkness. Yet we never give up just like the Lady in the "Second Chance" story. She was abandoned by her husband because she was not able to give birth to a child. She was lost, broken, and alone. Yet, she never lost hope. And one day her life was changed completely. It is her positive hope which transformed her life. Hope makes us wait because good things will happen to us when we wait with patience.

One day I was coming back from the office at 3 am in the morning and I saw a couple on the footpath. So that's how "Homeless" love story was born. There are many more stories in this book where you find hope and meaning of life. When you turn the pages of this book, the characters will make you laugh, cry and think. Many of these stories happen in your life too. Where you want to express your feelings to the people in your life, but you will never express to them, thinking it might hurt them. So we lock up those unexpressed emotions and feelings somewhere in the bottom of our hearts and lead a normal life.

So life in Hyderabad will make you feel all those emotions again as your travel along with the characters. I hope this book empowers you and makes you stronger. I want you all to be positive-minded and don't let your hope go away from you. No matter what happens in life, just wait with hope.

Happy reading folks.


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Ishika Bhardwaj
Ishika Bhardwaj
13 jun 2021

Beautiful compilation of anecdotes ♥️

Me gusta

Saizal Gupta
Saizal Gupta
13 jun 2021

I have read this book and the anecdotes are beautiful.

Me gusta


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