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KRANKENHAUS | Neelesh Mishra

The word Kran-Ken means sick or sick person and Haus means home. Our birth home is our needs, our beliefs is protecting us and saving people from helplessness. It is like a place of God. All this describes a very general word that we often use when our lives are at risk that is 'Hospital'. What if?

They want to get paid to protect their helpless people. Every danger has a warning. I know such a dangerous place or would you like to hear another word for this place. A terrifying haunted Krankenhaus. Actually, this hospital is located somewhere in a small town of about thousands of people. There are only two main demands of their regular lifestyle. It is necessary to earn money and eat and sleep after a lot of hard work. Sometimes they get together during weddings and festivals in the name of entertainment. Weddings happen very often here because everyone has a maximum of 4 or 5 children. But monsoon gives them real pleasure in their daily busy schedule.

So many marriages result in so many new members as their growing thousands. There is no limit to sensual pleasure for young couples without thinking about the consequences. Many a times during the delivery of the child at home some of them are found dead or both the mother and the child are found dead.

Cases of unnatural deliveries are on the rise. It is not necessary that the results always give a good hope. As a younger generation they are leading that city and they need more resources to build. So they all decided and wrote a letter to their high level judiciary for a hospital. Finally after 1 year the hospital is almost ready to serve the people. After running well, this hospital was closed after about 2 or 3 years. The whole town was terrifying haunted by that hospital. No one wants to talk about that damned building. They don't want to name it the hospital. The all believe it to be a weird, creepy, evil spirit, portentous area.

Many people had evacuated from their home to new places that lived in that threatening area. There are nearly minimum counts of 15 to 20 jinxed people affected after the hospital massacre. They are the only humans left who saw everything that goes on there and want to parley about it. They are the patients over there which were admitted about 1 to 2 or 2.5 months. All suffered from a severe panic attack after the incident happened. There are many rumor stories about cursed areas. But every story points out to some evil spirit or demon or fiend doing all these nuisance and paranormal activities.

One of them said he was resting on his bed with an oxygen mask and the sound of a beep-beep, an ECG machine attached to his body. Suddenly he saw a sleeping girl whose hands were moving in the air and half of her body collided with the window AC. Hands and heads were chopped off, deducted legs were thrown like garbage and blood was flowing like a river. Every patient and staff member became like a real stone statue, eyes wide open, heart beats pounded on machines, body systems shut down and 2 or 3 people died in that exact spot. Those people had got an innumerable number of questions. This event took his life in an upcoming universe.

The following story is about a young woman. She is also a heart patient. She saw her attender who was her fiancé he was normal that day. While easing talking with her he picked up a sharp medical knife and operation scissors. He stabbed himself going from lower jaw to upper head and popped right eye out of his orbit left unresolved. It looked as if he was crying dark red blood tear out of loaded anger in his head. He also stabbed in the abdomen of a doctor 10 times and plucked out the intestine from his body and ate it. They both died on the spot and never got the stabbed body of her fiancé. The third person told of his dead walking mother. He said that his mother was admitted due to liver failure and someone had to stay with her. He was sleeping when the clock struck 3 o'clock. Her mother woke up and she walked across the corridor barefoot and jumped from the third floor.

Due to sound produced he woke up and looked at the bed. Then he looked at the ground and her mother was on a sheet of blood and the origin source was her head heavily damaged and still she was in her night walk. That was the most dreadful scene. The ward boy saw a newborn baby head cut offs and left inside the woman's womb. Doctors were performing that operation between them. But he lost his vocals after a month because he drank a bottle of chemical of liquid. There are many more blood-curdling stories which will give you endless goose bumps throughout your lifetime. After hearing these stories some groups of 7 people including me decided to go to a haunted hospital to keep track of the situation of the hospital. He also had cameras with him. No one knew what would happen to them for the next few hours. Some were excited and some were extremely nervous.

As we entered the cursed area they all got an inauspicious vibe. That old and ruined building once called a hospital looks exactly like a spooky building. As we, walked inside the hospital. We saw reception and its chairs were filled with the blood and flesh of humans. Their arms and heads are on chairs and some heads were hanging on walls like portraits. Receptionist fingers were lost of both hand and legs. We proceeded through the corridor to the rooms. The gallery was so terrifying that all the creatures were told they were still there. The rooms also looked so disastrous. But the machines were still operating with beep-beep sounds. We heard the sound of the door closest to the lift and our 2 men were missing. Only 6 men were left and no one knows where these 2 companions are.

The building has 3 floors. We were on the first floor. This floor has transformed something that was not like the ground floor. Dead people on the floor have got some evil powers to move their bodies and also have mutilated parts of it. As we were moving on, he was trying to stand up and his red-blooded mother walked again. Our souls were called upon by other powers. He was calling us from the second floor and some rumblings were also heard. Some people are worshiping their black god or evil spirit. When we reached the second floor again, 2 of our men disappeared and 4 were left. We didn't know at all because we were all walked together.

Those voices were stopped and these prayers left a message not only for us but for all of us. It was written by people who were lost at the beginning of this journey. As soon as we read t