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"Influencing people is very important to be successful." Says the Author of 'Create Your Influence"

In today's rapidly changing environment when everyone is fighting in a way to get success, this book, 'Create Your Influence' has been written to motivate the readers to self-motivate. How we can achieve a big position by making small changes inside ourselves. This book inspires us to introspect. It is time for competition and we are facing tough challenges in our profession. Successful will be the one who will be able to influence people with his work. Otherwise the competitors will overtake. Influencing people is a skill that can be learned easily. In this book, those important factors have been discussed in detail which help us in creating our influence.

It is the need of today that we recognize our reality. What is the strength in me that I am able to influence people. How can I use this power in the right way? What are my weaknesses that are holding me back? How can I remove them? In the first three chapters I have focused on Aura, Voice and Persona. We have got these three things as a gift from God. If we use them properly, we can impress anyone. Our voice, our dress will add to it.

After that I have talked about human behaviour. If we are empathetic and keep our reaction under control in every situation, and complete our work in a passionate way, then naturally our image starts changing and our influence falls on people. These three factors are such that every individual needs a lot to live in the society. Training your mind and moving towards reskilling is the key to success. Many times we start thinking that I know everything or I have reached that place now that I do not need to learn anything else. This is the wrong mind set. This mind set has to be changed. Learning is such a process that stays with us throughout life and challenges also come in life, so it is necessary that we train our mind for every situation.

Before concluding the book, I have emphasized on charismatic personality which is an important tool for us. Apart from this, I feel that our dedication and our belief system are also helpful in creating influence. How we choose our words and how we use our time, their role is also very useful for us. What is our perspective of looking at the society and what we are doing for the society, without this nothing can happen. I have tried to make the language of the book very simple and interesting so that I can keep my point with ease.

Influencing people is very important to be successful. Nothing can happen without it.

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