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HOW TO OVERCOME WRITER’S BLOCK?- An insight by vanshika

Writer’s block is a phenomenon related to writing where writers are not able to write anything new.

This happens with every writer from journalist to novelist. The way it manifests itself is different from writer to writer. The reason why it’s so hard to get started and find continuous inspiration varies greatly from person to person.

Ever thought what is the major reason for writers block? There can be many reasons for the same depending on each individual. Some time it’s because of lack of ideas or inspiration, but the truth is Writer’s blocks major reason is Self Doubt.

All writing problems are psychological problems. Blocks usually stem from the fear of being judged. If you imagine the world listening, you'll never write a line. That's why privacy is so important. You should write first drafts as if they will never be shown to anyone.” Erica Jong

Writers often get trapped between the Do’s and Don’ts and they lost their creative spark. Many feels they are not good enough and that gives them stress. Some are scared that their writing would be compared to other’s work, and that mindset results in a fear of writing anything at all. Others, doesn’t actually want to write, but they are being pressured into writing by one thing or other. What I believe is we should never be scared because somebody won’t like our work, we should always remember why we are doing this and boom, insecurity will leave us.

What are the Ways to deal with Writer’s Block? Do something else, go for a walk. Try collecting inspiration for yourself. Go at a place where you feel good, it can be a corner of your house or a coffee shop etc., Do some exercise, it can really help in reducing stress, focusing the mind, increasing productivity, and enhancing the memory. Write through the block. What I mean here is what does one do with cramps when he/she run? - maybe Keep running, and eventually they go away. Here, one run through the cramps similarly, write through the block. Last but not the least , Remember, tomorrow is a new writing day.

Writers block is something which every writer go through, if I talk about my experience then last year I was going through this phase. Maybe the reason was Covid-19 because there was no positivity around me at that time. Our loved ones were getting infected and it was not a good experience. One day I came across a video that was a music video and that give me some kind of inspiration and I started writing. For me Writer’s block is miserable and part of it can be just being in a really bad place. Sometimes if you’re just in a bad mental place, it doesn’t matter what work you put in. If someone is not able to write or find inspiration then start from the beginning. Read your old write-ups feel them, you will definitely get something from it maybe an idea to write or maybe a ride to your memories. Maybe, I don’t get through that phrase ever, but I always knew that there will be a day when I will write or ill get inspiration from one thing or another, I never lose hope for writing and I guess that’s the emotion that helped me deal with it.

You can try doing some writing exercises too, you can go through video which give you tip to write and you can follow them, this will help you to give a push to your writing, maybe you will still not be able to write anything, but at least you will try. For me, the best option for finding tips is to read @spetrum.of.thoughts post on Instagram. It gives useful and thoughtful tips for budding writers, which fills me with excitement.

The only cure for not being able to write is to write.” ― Kaylin R. Boyd


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