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Hopeful wishlist to Santa by Banani Das Chowdhury


Hello! Our Dearest Santa, How are you?

O, so you are ready with your lists of rewards and gifts for Lord's children residing in this earthly cosmos? I am so happy you are coming back. What gifts are you bringing for all?

Well, I have a big wishlist over here but not bigger enough for you to fulfill all of it, right ? Santa, the basic needs of life without which any living beings over this cosmos cannot survive, I wish that for all the living beings. I wish you grace every beings over here with the blessings of survival kits organically. I wish peace for all and let everyone survive here with the divine shield of safety and security. I wish you appoint angels and fairies to look after every children and gift them a brighter future and they become benevolent parts of this world. I wish you caress as a caring gardener all the floras inhabiting this cosmos. I wish you protect all the faunas who make a beautiful part of biodiversity of this earth. I wish you empower every woman in your divine grace, protecting their rights and safeguarding their integrity. I wish you strengthen the elderly with a life of dignity. I wish every innocent beings be shielded in your power of divinity. I wish the wealth of good health for all. Let everyone be healthy in body, mind and spirit. I wish you gift every hearts with the glow of love and let this beat for eternity and amplify the power of light over every darknesses. I wish you awaken the consience of everyone to follow the humane morals, ethics and principles to beautify Lord's creations over here. I wish you grant our rights to freedom with the wisdom to exercise it with rightful responsibilities. I wish you reward the righteous and rectify the wrongful in this earthly cosmos. I wish you demolish the evils of this earth and safeshield the goodness of this cosmos. I wish you bring the balance in this earthly ecosystem so that every life flourish here with bliss and co-exist in harmony. I wish you fulfill every needs of all your children and decorate all spirits residing over here with Lord's message of love for all. I wish you read this and more than this letter you read my heart and every hearts whoever believes in you or not, believes in

God or not but as for within every heart is Lord's light and the holy is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent and you are his holy messenger, do listen our hearts which's yearns for all the good a ray of hope.

Dearest Santa, wishing a lot from you for my planet and her beings. Bring unto our earthly home, all those magical gifts of lord's light and love.

Counting on your arrival with this hope , dearest Santa.

Safe Journey to our planet earth.

Take care.

With Regards

Yours Beloved Lord's Child.

Written by: Banani Das Chowdhury

Instagram Handle: @bananidaschowdhury

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