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Her Valentine| Komanduri Kavya

It's been 12 years of love and 9 years of togetherness. Finally, the most anticipated moment of her life has arrived. It was around 7 a.m. in the morning and she woke up with lots of hope. She started her day with her chores and a surprise for her special one.

She gathered all the things that make him happy and to make his day more special. Even after knowing that she was not around the people who were not supportive to her and seeing her happiness. The only hope and trust of her is him. She never listened to the threats that she was warned about before, she hid all her fear just to make everything go smoothly.

Every time, she fought not only with her fears but also with all the discouragements and unacceptance around her. She always believed in her love and care for him. After all the arrangements, she was waiting for him with her parents to make a proposal, which she thought he would definitely accept. She decorated her room full of balloons and curtains with hanging photos and artificial flowers all around. Every corner has sparkling lights to attract his eyes.

It was around 7 PM in the evening when she picked up a call listing that her order of red roses and cake was cancelled due to some unavoidable circumstances. She couldn't take it, and left the house saying, "I will be back in 30 minutes' '. She reached the shop where she wanted to pick up that bunch of beautiful red roses and his favorite butter scotch cake.

After collecting her things, she was really excited to see someone special carrying a bunch of red roses with her favorite chocolates in his hand on the other side of the road. Her eyes are filled with joyful tears, and her cheeks are flushed with happiness.

As she crossed the road, she saw him as he was waiting for someone; then she got more excited and moved towards the divider. As there was more traffic, she just stood up there to cross the road soon after the road was clear.

As she started crossing the road, she saw him with another girl, to whom he had proposed in front of everyone with a diamond ring, red roses, and with many more gifts. As she started walking, every step of hers became so heavy. The joyful tears turned to the saddest ones. She couldn't believe what she was witnessing. She grabbed her phone from her handbag and called him immediately just to make sure that what she was seeing was just not real, but unfortunately it's not. He just cut off her call and messaged her, saying, "Sorry, dear, I'm in a client meeting; I will meet you soon."

Her hopes, dreams, care, and love towards him just shuttered her heart into pieces. She couldn't believe it and stood up in the middle of the road. Roses and cake in her hand got tripped, and she stumbled on her knees, rolling tears over her cheeks with a broken heart.

A heavy vehicle passing towards her at high speed hit her very hard and moved away...…. His day ended with happiness but her one was with losing not only her love also, her life for someone's lies.

Sometimes loving a person blindly and trusting them can lead to any situation which can't be avoidable.

Komanduri Kavya

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