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HE TOOK HER AWAY | Ishita Rohatgi

It is my daughter's 3rd birthday and she's really excited for it, she is waiting for her gift for a long time no doubt her wait will pay her off I have brought her the most expensive and beautiful doll it's a male doll but I know she will love this and it's her 1st doll too so it will be precious for her.

"Mom, mom" I replied "yes my baby"

"It's time let's cut my cake please"

"Sure baby come and then I will give you the gift I brought for my doll."

"Ok mom"

As soon as she cut her cake she asked me for the gift I handed her a big box she opened it and shouted "wow mom this is so beautiful I love this thank you mom" She was so happy I still can't forget her smile it was more than million dollars she even gave a name to that doll she calls him Harry.

Time passed she was growing really fast things changed but one thing that remained same was her love for that doll she never let anyone touch it neither me nor any of her friends and she took care of it like a kid, I had no problem with it untill she started talking like psychopaths she used to say things like "mom last night I saw Harry leaving my room", " Mom Harry said he loves me and one day he will marry me", "mom last night I went to Harry's world it was so cold and dark but he kept me warm." I was getting worried as she was growing her love for that doll was growing and no. of friends kept on decreasing whenever I asked her why don't you make new friends she used to reply I have Harry I don't need anyone, as a mother I knew something wasn't right so I decided to take her to a psychiatrist but after every session her psychiatrist tells me she is fine and normal, so one day I decided to take her with me on vacation for a week so I packed both our bags and surprised her she got excited and looked at Harry and said "bye baby I'll see you after a week" And after a minute or so she told me "mom Harry is angry and saying he also wants to go or he won't let us go" I got shocked and asked my daughter to shrug it off and carry on with the plan but before leaving I got a call that my mother in law just got into an accident and we have to cancel our plan and this happened 2 to 3 times more whenever we plan a vacation either someone close to us die or get into an accident. Things were like this I wasn't able to understand anything but one night due to thirst I woke up at 3am and while walking towards kitchen I thought of peeping into my daughter's room what I saw can simply kill anyone on the spot I saw that doll was alive and talking to my daughter like a human before I could go inside or do something they both vanished from there and I saw 2 dolls on the floor one the doll I gifted my daughter and 2nd my daughter herself.

Ishita Rastogi

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