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Godh Ki Oat Mai by Aruna Gupta

Someone has said, "The most magical day of my life was the day when I became a mother." Mrs. Aruna Gupta deeply believes in this quote and she says that of all the phases of her life, she cherishes motherhood the most. In her memoir, 'गोद की ओट में', she opens up about how she was unaware of the love of mother until she became one. When asked to her that did she ever missed her mother when she was a child, she replied, "No, I never felt like I don't have a mother. I lived in a joint family and they were there to take care of me and they showered all their love on me. After marriage, one fine day, when I got the news that I am carrying a life inside my womb, I realized, there was no one to feel the same for me as I feel for my little one who is not even born yet. Aakhir Maa toh Maa hi hoti hai."

In her memoir, 'गोद की ओट में', the author pens down her experiences she had and still having of being a mother. The book focuses on her journey to motherhood and the different phases of upbringing her child. Motherhood is a never-ending phase. One is always a mother. In later sections of the memoir, the author shares how they had financial issues and this was the point where she explains her daughter how to support the family emotionally.

The author herself is a primary teacher and had done Nursery Teachers Training and B.Ed, so she understands child psychology pretty well. Not only she writes the positive qualities of her daughter but even highlights the habits which weren't good. In the preface, she mentions the motive behind penning down this memoir. She says that she just wanted to share her experience with everyone, especially with her daughter. As there are somethings which one cannot speak but it's always better to write them down. In the end, this book consists of few motivational points which she believes one must follow in their life.

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