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Glimpses Of Hues By Subha Murugan

Deep in nature lies the very existence of life. One can feel the different shades of emotions, perceive the significance of life, sense the power of healing and understand the life’s most secrets through the art of nature.

Dwelling into these intertwined life and nature; longing to express the intricate beauty of those elements, finally I discovered the path of poetry and painted the felt words through lovely Haikus.

Haiku is considered as a short form of poetry. Traditional haiku has a fixed 5-7-5 pattern consisting of three lines: first line with five syllables, second line with seven syllables and third line with five syllables. Through haiku, one can look at the life around us and see something deeper, that could interact with reality.

My first book titled Glimpses of Hues is the collection of Haikus revolving around the nature and physical world that can be interpreted and related to one’s life and existence. These haikus expresses feelings, emotions, inward thoughts including positive and negative aspects of life.

It is for the readers and nature lovers to feel and understand, ponder and wonder in what the haiku expresses. It could be seen from the readers point of view and hence no right or wrong in the way one interpret.

Book Description:

'Glimpses of Hues', the book on collection of haikus is dedicated to all who sees life through nature.

It is available now in the market for everyone to buy, ultimately delight in reading and fathom the depth of haikus.

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