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"...for me mind and body are my home." Says Nandini Bhandari.

The year 2020 received a not-so-warm welcome by nature’s rage - The Corona Virus, popular as Covid-19. As the wrath of the virus engulfed the globe in its fury, humanity was trying hard to save itself. Still is.

People found solace in the company of their families with a lot of time available to unearth their hidden talents. Some of us ended up inventing new dishes, some came up with beautiful pieces of music and the list goes on. For me, the only way to shut the negativity out of my system and uphold an optimistic front was to fulfill a long-lost dream.

I am architect, interior designer and academician, thus as a wearer of many hats. I believe that exploration and discovery is a never-ending process.

Living through the lockdown gave me a chance to complete a book (SELFISHLY KIND) that I had been writing for a while, until laziness got the best of me.

I am proud to say that the book is out now and I have received much appreciation for it.

What I would like to convey to my fellow humans here, is that the fight for humanity can only be won if we allow a ray of hope to consume us, primarily led by our passions and skills.

I believe in miracles and that all of us are connected in many ways, all we need to do is find the thread that binds us together and to ourselves. As an individual I like being selfish sometimes so I can do justice to anyone I care for. Like they say Charity begins at Home and for me mind and body are my home.

Today, as we stand at the threshold of another year when the virus seems to be at the peak, it is up to us to revive humanity through these small efforts.

The fight may be against a virus, but it begins within. My ability to be kind empowers me to look at my problems in the eye and face them with ease and this book is a reflection of the same.

Allow the love for yourself to steer the wheel and go ahead- cook that dish, compose that song, while I sit to write the plot of my next book.

For those of you who would like to read my book, you can grab your copy from Amazon.

It is a small contribution at my end towards spreading self-love and care at this hour.