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FanatiXx Publication: A synonym to Dreams

FanatiXx Publication is an ISO Certified 9001: 2015 self-publishing platform that provides literary services, marketing solutions, and author assistance. It has strived to do justice to "A synonym to dream" by starting from scratch and publishing the first book in an open genre and reaching to the heights with the latest genre as travel biography, fantasy, erotica, psychological thriller, romance, interview book, general awareness, short stories in Hindi, and many more. The publication is trying to open up to the horizon of publishing various genres and open a different world for writers and readers as well. With all the efforts of the team and undying support from the authors and the readers, they have added various accolades to their hall of fame including "The Best Publication house of the year by HRD India in association with The Economic Times in the year 2021, which showcases their world-class services and work ethics. FanatiXx has also been featured on the cover page of Silicon City Magazine as the Best start-up publication house of the year 2020, Hindustan Times, TZP Magazine, Unekha, and many other prestigious websites. To add a feather to their cap they have also been recognised as The most affordable premium publication house in India by India Icon Awards and are featured in several world records to list, along with as many as 30 world records received by their published books, including Asia, India, Bravo, Kalam, Vajra, International, International Talent, Exclusive, Royal Success, High Range, OMG, Amazing and many other books of National and International world records.

Earlier which seemed like an astronomical height to reach, FanatiXx provides hassle-free and interactive publishing services to their clients along with ISBN allocation, with the 4 Ps code of conduct that is Pen, Publish, Print, Promote. Along with a completely tailored package, they also provide add-ons such as Amazon Global distribution, creative marketing techniques, and various premium services like advance typesetting, premium cover designing, and premium editing. After the completion of the publishing process, the role of Author assistance falls into place. It includes an author dashboard, which helps them to track their monthly sales of the book, and royalty as well. Post-sales services including video trailers, offline launches, posters, live sessions, and viable marketing suggestions are offered so that the authors can live their dreams comfortably. The presence that this publication house shares are on the online networks, Amazon, Amazon Prime, Flipkart, Kobo, Walmart, Kindle, BooksClub, Google Playbooks, and Google books, etc and offline stores like Oxford, Crossword, and many more. The happiness they get from seeing these writers become published authors is way beyond what they could express. Because they are not just their clients but a part of their extended family, a part of who they are. They very confidently say this because of the ardent support, and healthy relations that they have witnessed since the beginning of their journey till now. If you wish to become a part of that extended family as an author, they are just a call away.

You can reach them at the following :

Phone no.- 8448203204

LinkedIn -

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