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"Erotica is completely an interpretive art..."- Says Udaigiri Amravathi

1. How did you get started as a poet?

I was more of an occasional poet who used to pen random thoughts in the form of poems. This real poetic part of mine was discovered during the year 2020 in COVID19 pandemic lockdown. Movies turned out to be more fantasizing desserts in my life where I started doping my nerves with sense of euphoria concentrating on every romantic song lyric and its meaning.

Poetry paved its path all through my cells and that was the instance I ought to pen the ocean of tidal love flowing inside me.

2. What made you write a book of erotic poems?

The love that can make you aroused also can make you feel alive in that feeling. I believe that losing oneself in love deeply can only happen when emotions are coupled with desires and passion.

3. People generally misunderstand 'Erotic Fiction' as 'Pornogrphy'. As an author of book of erotic poems, what's your take on this?

Usually erotica fiction and pornography are often overlapped towards more sexually compelling manner. But, in my view, Erotica is completely an interpretive art that a reader can realize the creative intentions of author in more alluring and provocative way to represent a suffering , submission , pain and pleasure which is totally different from pornography that leads to single motive viz Sexual content.

4. Can you throw some light on the significance of the title, Unquenchable Desires?

The title UNQUENCHABLE DESIRES was chosen to depict what the book actually tells about through poems. The thirst that thrall to never end with series of desires that are experienced by author does make sense to mirror the books content.

5. What was your favorite part, and your least favorite part, of the publishing journey?

My favorite part in journey of publishing was being given a choice and chance by publishers to hand-pick a soulful cover page and editors suggestions in font style, grammar and sorting poem titles accordingly to enhance the beauty of the book.

Least favorite was to wait so long to hold the new born warm baby paperback book due to lockdown which was absolutely not publication's house fault. This made me drool over and wait to rejoice my book.

6. Was there any surprising thing discovered while writing the beauty, Unquenchable Desires?

Yes, I experienced zero limit to the beauty of imagining things . I loved losing myself in so involving self thoughts.

7. Does any poem from Unquenchable Desires hold a special place in your heart? If yes, name the poem.

Yes, there are few poems but the most special one would be the last poem from my book titled "Heart's Flight".

8. If you had to describe your book in three sentences, what would they be?

UNQUENCHABLE DESIRES is a mixed potion of arousal, suffering , pain and pleasure that subjects you to wild desertion of oneself in love.

9. What were your thoughts and feelings while you were penning down these poems?

I wanted to break all the limits of making love drenched in emotions through my words.

10. Many a times, poets leave their poems half-finished maybe because of writers block or something else. Do you do that too? If you do, how do you deal with those half-written verses?

I usually don't prefer leaving poems half finished because as per my opinion , poem ends when emotions are fulfilled and well conveyed . Half written poems could make a marathon run in readers mind leaving him desperate to find what next.

11. Do you have any more books planned?

Yes, I am subtly working on it.

12. When it comes to reading, is there any theme or genre you keep coming back to?

Poetry, Short stories, and Novels on Fantasy, Romance and Suspense usually grab my interests.

Click on the link below and grab your read today.

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Cutey Maggi
Cutey Maggi
Jul 15, 2021

Appreciated all the stories of UNQUENCHABLE DESIRES,the title and the cover page are grabbing attention from the readers, the emotions you poured with the poems are remarkable. Looking forward for the best stories and novels from you... All the best for your successful journey 😊.


Love you plat in your poetry could encourage the girls to express their emotions. A great work 👏


Congratulations amaravathi. The way you penned is litreally amazing 😍. Best of luck for your further writeups


Well explained your thoughts about the book. Hope you explore more with your blissfull emotions 😍


Unquenchable Desires made my soul ignite, fuelled with your love and emotions.

The desires mentioned in this creation, haunted the erotic art in me.

Rejoiced to know your thoughts how the way you crafted this art which completely captivating the depths of romantic love ♥.



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