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'Chords of Life' by Saanchi Goel

Author of Chords of life, Ms.Saanchi Goel deeply believes that if you never let your talent down then your talent will never let you down.

She is a girl in her late adolescence. She is a open minded girl who is trying to explore the world. She was never asked about how she feels about her school, her state of mind, etc. Adolescence is a period of life which can either be the best or the worst part of one's life. Whenever she felt of sharing anything she shared it with paper. As Anne Frank said "Paper has more patience than humans" this completely suits the author.

In her book Chords of Life, she has described different situations and feels which might have been held in one’s life. The readers can easily associate the poems with their life events. Whatever she experienced rather it was about teachers, love life, solitude, sadness, etc. is penned it down. In her book she has described everything till death.

It's not just a book it's a compilation of author's aspirations, feelings and her hard work. As there are somethings which one cannot speak but it's always better to write them down.

Buy 'Chords of Life' today from the link given below:

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