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"Hey." Message sent, seen and replied by him in a matter of few seconds. The message says, "Hi, i hope you are doing well." His message continued." Actually, i want to meet you. It's been a long time we have been chatting online here. I haven't seen you yet. I want to feel you." Before replying, Vish recalled the moment how Arya came into her life; first, his friend request, moving forward to dms and then whole day long chats. Another message beeped,"Vish, are you there?" Vish came to the present and typed,"Yeah.. I just don't want to meet. We are good here... chatting whole day long.... like best friends." and the clicked on send button. Arya at once replied," You must be kidding me. You yourself are saying we talk whole day long and justifying this thing with the name best friends. Ok, let me come to the point. I think i have feelings for you. And i want to meet you no matter what." Vish replied," What if you find me ugly? What if my body isn't perfect for you?" Arya texted," What rubbish are talking about? You don't seem like a girl who is ugly. You must be the hottest, and i can't wait to see you and hold you." Arya never talk like that. He sounded like the one you want girl in his bed only and nothing else. Vish felt she was completely wrong in analyzing Arya, but then she thought maybe she had misunderstood him as they were talking on texts. Vish replied with an Ok. Arya said," Cool. I will dm you the location and wear something in red so that i can recognize you easily."

Arya was 110% sure that he is about to get lucky that day. The day came. Arya was waiting for Vish. A girl with curly hair, acne breakouts, spectacles, a little chubby, and a red salwar suit came. Arya was like she can't be Vish. Vish must be a girl wearing red dress, flaunting her body and the hottest of the all. He texted her, " Where are you? I am waiting." The reply came ," I am already at the location sitting in the extreme right corner." Arya stood and went there. He started screaming," What the hell? Why did you never tell me you looked like this? I wasted my time on a girl who looks like a boiled pig. You are disgusting. And who wears a salwar suit on her first date. Oh god, to get lucky with a girl like you... eww ...I am never gonna date a girl like you." Vish felt heartbroken. She was unable to figure out what had just happened. Arya took a picture of her saying," Let the world see your real face." She reached home crying. She thought, how can she be so stupid to trust a guy she met online and developed feelings for such a guy? He used to be so sweet with his words online, and in real life, he is just worse than animals. His face is handsome but his heart, it's all black. She cried herself to sleep. The next morning, her cellphone was filled with notifications. Arya posted her picture tagging her with a caption" boiled pig." She was shocked. She never thought he could do something like that. Her dms were filled with messages of people body shaming her...telling her that she shouldn't have done this to that guy and should have disclosed how she looked like. The comments on that picture were even worse. She was so devastated that she decided to delete her account. Her mental health was so effected that she started visiting a psychiatrist. That psychiatrist let Vish believe that the whole social media is fake. He let her believe that you don't need to look like Kylie or Kim in order to prove your beauty. You are beautiful in your own way. We all are God's creation and how dare anyone say that He has created something that is not beautiful. Kylie and Kim have undergone treatments in order to look gorgeous, but they were beautiful before those lip fillers also. And we need to understand this. Being a bit over weight is normal till you are healthy. Acne is normal and will vanish with time. Just accept yourself as the way you are. The best thing you can gift yourself is work on yourself to be a better person and to make this world a better place to live in.


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