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ATM | Dr. Tulika Sarkar

Mr. Nabin signed the registry envelope. Then the ATM card that had been connected to the letter was then gently taken out from inside. He carefully examined the card's two sides. It is inscribed with Nabin Ghosal's name. Such cards have just evolved into his passion. His neighbour friend Shankar frequently uses the ATM when they go out together in the afternoon. Nabin is certain that he does it to brag. Nabin also wants to use ATMs to get cash so he can make purchases and pay with his card.

Mr. Nabin is a peace-loving, non-violent, and reserved man. After forty years of service at Samanta & Sons as a ledger keeper, he retired six months ago. His salary was average. He nonetheless secured a bank loan and enrolled his son in an engineering programme. He has found a way to live comfortably in a rented home. "There is no need to wait in line to withdraw money from the bank, dad; I'm getting you an ATM card", said the father's son, who is currently employed by an IT company. He now holds that card in his hand. "Look, this is my ATM card," he stated as he displayed the card to his wife Paromita. "I'll be able to withdraw money as I like going forward. I shall withdraw 500 in exchange for Shankar's withdrawal of 200." After saying this, he sang and gave his wife a joyful embrace. Paromita is a simple woman. Even though she was delighted byNabin's sudden boyhood, she still felt ashamed. "Aren't we old enough to caress now?" she said shyly. "Have you forgotten that we will soon be in-laws?" "The issue is that, my love. I was preoccupied with work while we were young. When so many years have passed since then, I don't understand." He sighed.

For their son, Paromita's mother's heart glowed with pride. "Is this card loaded with cash? Our son did it? Let's then take it to the goldsmith's shop. I have been fond of wearing earrings like my sister for a long time." In this middle class environment, Nabin has never been able to grant their wishes or live a life of luxury. Paromita didn't complain either. However, he made an effort to fulfil his own and his wife's requests during their happy times.

He exclaimed in shock, "A goldsmith's shop using this card? You gave me a chuckle. Has he ever seen a card like this before? You know, these cards are only for big stores. I'll take you to the PC Chandra jewellers showroom after I get accustomed to it myself first. Make some tea now." Shankar exclaimed as he turned the card over, "What a surprise! You now have a debit card from your son. Very good. But I have a credit card. Use, though, with caution."

Nabin was happy to see Shankar's dry face. Despite wanting to know the distinction between a debit card and a credit card, he refrained from speaking. If he were to inquire as to the difference, Shankar would begin to share his knowledge. He had put up with a lot of Shankar's insanity, but no longer. Shankar was incapable of properly raising his son. His son works as a broker in an insurance company. And my son is an engineer! He uses the company car given by his employer to commute to work.

The topic of money laundering through ATMs was heavily discussed during the tea conversation. Chaudhury said, "By cloning the card, someone stole 36,000 rupees from my brother's account. All of these cards carry a significant amount of risk." In order to utter the word on his card, Nabin was fidgeting. Getting the chance, he said, "No matter what you say, this card also offers advantages. There are no hassles associated with signing or waiting in line. My son made a card for me......"

Raju said, "What are you saying Nabin da, have you taken an ATM card? But you were a staunch opponent of all this." Nabin laughed and said, "Will you pay attention if I don't update myself with time?" Shankar said, "It is not an ordinary card, it is a global debit card." Everyone said in unison, "Then let's do a celebration in a big restaurant ... ” Even though he was saying "yes, yes" out loud, he made the conscious decision not to utilise the card for mass feeding without first utilising it for a worthwhile purpose. And the news of that 'good deed' came over his phone through Debabrata Biswas. On this Sunday, Nabin will have to pay 10,000 rupees in cash for the 2.5 hectares of land he saw in Ichhapur. He made the decision to withdraw money from any ATM in Ichhapur because carrying so much cash on a train carries a significant amount of risk.

He got an empty ATM. There is no guard outside. That is what he wanted. It is a matter of money. There are many types of people in the vicinity, but it is difficult to recognize between good and bad. Thus, he became afraid. He took out the card from his pocket and inserted it into the slot on the device before entering the PIN and entering the appropriate amount of cash. What followed shocked him since he could not trust his eyes. A large number of notes worth 2000 and 500 rupees emerged from the machine

Nabin's hand is shaking. There were so many notes that he was unable to hold them all. He counted with a tiny bit of sweat on his finger, "Twenty eight.....thirty-two.....thirty." His heart is pounding so loudly. He felt relieved as he looked around and resumed counting. Thirty thousand exactly, unsure about what to do with the remaining 20,000 rupees. A man wearing sunglasses entered at that very moment. Nabin hurriedly exited after packing his bag with cash. What is wrong with him? Did he enter the amount of money incorrectly? Additionally he did not get any messages from the bank on his mobile. There are a few thousand stained notes. What will happen if Debabrata rejects it?

He would have gone to the bank to report the issue and exchange the stained money, but it is closed on Sundays. Are these fake notes, he wondered. If so, what is the evidence? That ATM is where the notes came from. Will he ultimately have to do time in prison for smuggling fake currency? What a danger! Who will tell, where to go now? He appeared very helpless. Debu said that his house is a fifteen minute walk from the station. Nabin grabbed the bag by the armpit and began walking. A police van arrived and stopped next to him a little distance later.

"Didn't you just withdraw cash from the ATM?" From inside the van, a police officer questioned. He noticed the man with the sunglasses whom he had seen earlier in the ATM, was sitting next to the constable.

Why, what's your problem with that?" Nabin was frightened when he saw the police but managed to protest. "Threatening the police? Let's go to the police station!" The constable reprimanded him and took him to the van. "What is your name, where do you live?" the police chief enquired while keeping an eye on a file. “Nabi....Nabin Ghosal, Sir. I live in 11, Elgin Rd, Sreepally, Bhowanipore.”

This time, the chief exclaimed, "You reside in Kolkata and came to Ichhapur to collect money?" with a startled expression. "Is there honey here or is there no ATM in Kolkata?"

"I did not come here to collect money, sir. I came to pay the land deposit."

"I see. Your answer is ready ha. How much money did you withdraw? ” "Ten thousand." "Liar! Place the cash on the desk." When the chief noticed him hesitating, he once more threatened, "What happened, keep it."

Nabin's chest is throbbing as he knows that there were more than 10 thousand. What will he do now? The constable said, "This man is very naughty, sir. He is not bothering you." The chief got up and shouted, "Didn't the word reach your ears?"

He placed the money on the table and said in fear, "Sir, there are thirty thousand in it." "But you just mentioned that you have withdrawn ten thousand? Did you bring the rest with you?" Nabin caught this word and said, "You are right, sir." "Is that so? You are a forger. More than 10,000 rupees in cash had reportedly been withdrawn from that ATM, according to the informant's report." "I'm saying the truth, Sir. I requested ten but the machine delivered thirty. Believe me Sir." "And you also stole the entire thing? You appear to be a gentleman but....however, show me the message on your mobile." "The message hasn't arrived yet." "Why would it come? The person you've defeated will receive the message on their phone." "Believe me, that's not what you're thinking. Okay, I'm taking ten thousand and leaving here the rest. Let me go, sir. ” Raising his eyes to his forehead, the cheif said, "What do you mean by leaving the rest here? How dare you come to the police station and offer a bribe to the police?" "Then what will I do with that money? God promise, I'm not involved in any fraud, sir." "Stop, Mister. According to news reports, fraudulent cards are being used to take cash from that ATM. Tell me who else is with you, otherwise I know how to get the words out of your mouth." Saying this, he shouted, " Ratan ......" "Say, sir," a bulky constable saluted. Nabin said, "You can call Debu, the broker of the land, then you can understand everything. All right then, I'm doing it." Snatching his mobile phone, the cheif rebuked him and said, "You are very smart ha! Are you attempting to warn the other group members? Tricking the police into something? Tell me, who else is with you?" "Give me the phone, sir, my son gave it to me. Honestly, I'm not involved. " “Is that so? Ratan, give this guy a little treatment, otherwise he will not vomit any word."

Nabin felt deeply insulted and grew enraged. As soon as Ratan raised his hand towards him, his mobile phone rang on the cheif's table. The cheif shouted, "Param calling! Who is this Param, surely another disciple? That's what I thought." He asked with big eyes and a smile on his face. "Not Param sir, its Paromita, my wife. The spelling is shortened. My wife will become tensed if I don't receive the phone, sir. She has high blood sugar and pressure." "That means family business ... whatever I thought." "What have you thought?" This time Nabin roared, "I am coming from a respectable Brahmin family. I served 40 years for Samanta & Sons Company with Integrity and Reputation. My son is a software engineer, working in Bangalore at high post ...." The cheif said, "What do you think—will I let you leave in fear just because you can speak a little English? That engineer is the master of this whole drama. Ratan, you should teach this man." Seeing Ratan coming forward with his sleeves rolled up, Nabin shouted, "Save me Paromita, they are going to kill me."

Nabin awoke suddenly. His heart rate was very high. He gave himself some time to adjust. His wife is soundly dozing next to him. He took his hand off and walked over to the balcony. There is a light fog all around it. The colour of the sky can be noticed in the eastern sky. The new day has begun. He thought, this dream could have come true. Due to forgery, he might potentially have to go to jail. Life is getting more complicated. Even though they were busy at their time, life was simple for them. At that time, people still lived kindly. The time was of human's. The modern era belongs to machine's, and man is their servant. How will the technology comprehend the issues faced by people? At this age, relief is needed, not convenience— he came to the strong decision. Excited Paromita exclaimed as she exited the jewellers shop, "The earrings are exquisitely created. But you promised to use the card to visit the large retailer." "Sure, we need to buy jewellery for our daughter-in-law. Let's now enjoy a sweet beverage together."

On Sunday, Nabin arrived at Ichhapur station and hailed a rickshaw from there. A cigarette was lighted as he sat down. Today his mind is free. Now they will live in a house of their own. "Let's go, brother", he said to the rickshaw puller after making sure he had 10,000 rupees in his pocket.

Dr. Tulika Sarkar

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