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Ablaze coeurs (bright hearts) | Saumya Joshi

"Will it hold my hand and knit along a cardigan of love, commitment and passion using life's wool? It'll keep us warm in the winter of forever".

This is how she slid towards him a question full of love, asking him for his Godly companionship for forever. This is how two ablaze coeurs committed to each other.

This is not the beginning of this beautiful love story. It's just the beginning of the expression of her love for him. This story began when both of them were unaware of its beginning.

Her- "Hie! I'm Amyra's friend. I got to know about you through her. I'd be really grateful if you'd please give me the address of girls hostel of your college. I want to gift her a birthday cake".

Him- "Hello, I have heard alot about you from Amyra too. Sure! here is the address".

He politely sent her Amyra's address. She wanted no hustle, no questioning and her best friend's address with minimum explanation. It was exactly like how she wanted it to be.

She was a very selfless lover, a firm believer of doing good, brings good and an extremely passionate personality. She was on a break time, a break time from falling in love, a break time from surrendering her heart and a break time from tiring break ups. She had started taking life's lessons seriously and understanding sincerely all that life wanted her to understand and learn. So the chance of love blossoming in the field of her heart was a minus one out of a hundred.

Now if I begin to tell about him then you won't believe that this is going to be a love story as it's about the union of two similar hearts but poles apart minds. Her mind, confident and proud and his mind, shy and wondering whether he's good enough or not but both of them were equally good in solving maths equations and comforting troubled hearts. He was a tall, dark and a very handsome guy. He was humble, kind and the owner of a very friendly nature. Hatred, ego and selfishness hadn't even touched his soul. Love, to him was the toughest subject and the thought of acing that subject had never crossed his self doubting mind.

This text from her side had opened the door for excited conversations. Both of them were very excited to know each other and even more exhilarated to express themselves. There was a sense of security b/w them. They texted one another all day, all night. None delayed replying. They didn't realize that they were sharing their insecurities and weaknesses with each other as questions in a hope to get comfort and love. Things started getting cozy as they became really good friends. He comforted her on all her anxious days and made her believe that her anxiety issues will never affect their friendship or the way he admired her for her strength. They started chatting for hours without realizing the fact that they were enjoying each other's company way too much. His aura, his maturity, his loveable nature started appealing her. She smiled while texting him like she had never smiled before. She had never connected to someone so much in just a few days that too via texting. Even the angels started finding this bond pious and tempting.

One day he left for his hometown to attend a wedding. He shared his pictures with her. He was literally slaying in sassy outfits. Tired after the Mehendi ceremony he decided to sit by himself for sometime, away from the world and close to her. There they went again, chatting continuously. She had not planned a proposal. In the heat of the moment, without even a second thought she proposed to him by sliding towards him that question full of love and godliness.

That was the first time someone had approached him. He texted something unexpected, "Hey, hey! I read that message you just deleted. I don't think this is the right time. Moreover if you're serious, I think we need to talk about it". Instead of saying, 'Yes, my soul would love to knit along with yours the cardigan of love', he said a very clear 'NO' '.

She- "Oh! There's no problem. You really deserve someone better".

She kept aside her mobile phone and started crying inconsolably. Whatever came to her mind, all that she could feel, she jotted down in her diary in order to ease her pain. She smiled, wiped her tears and told herself that she really loves herself and went to brush her teeth (t'was bedtime).

"Hey! I really love you a lot. Please don't ignore my message and please do reply". She couldn't believe the notification her eyes saw and mind read. She replied instantly. Then and there was the beginning of the exchange of pure emotions and an unexpected love story b/w two people who had never met in person. That night they didn't sleep. The boy, the girl and the moon were busy experiencing the beautiful union of heavenly souls. Their conversation continued till the moon went to bed and the sun was ready to rise and shine.

They planned their first date in a month's time. He crossed more than a couple of states for the very first time to meet someone whom his heart had started trusting. The hug they exchanged at the station was homely. They held hands, looked at each other, smiled and left the station. The railway station smiled along as it was overjoyed to have helped the holy couple meet. As they were leaving the station, he asked, "Can I kiss you"? She was shy, started blushing and replied, "Yes, you may"! He pulled her closer, grabbed her waist and kissed her right. She reciprocated passionately. Two bodies were kissing and their souls smiling and telling each other, "We have knitted cardigans of love and commitment in all our previous lives together and we'll keep doing it together in every life in which we'll have to land on Earth". The smiling souls hugged each other after their kiss. Their bodies moved apart but their souls held hands forever.

After she found him she realized that she wasn't looking for 'Perfect', she was looking for him!

Nothing less, nothing more. Just him!

They became interwoven for eternities. They came closer everyday to become inseparable. Every cell of their bodies started loving their togetherness. They married each other after two months of their first date. A marriage witnessed by God, angels and their souls. They promised that they would become parents to a beautiful baby girl whom they would name 'Samyra'.

Love finds its way. One just needs to believe and have patience. It's hard to digest but yes, this love story is non-fictional. This online established bond was ready to rock and reach the forever milestone together. In every form, in every life.

Saumya Joshi

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