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"A little drop of ink can make millions of untold stories.” Says Theva Kiruba.

Hello! Readers, this is Theva Kiruba.

I'm passionate about writing poems and doing podcast.

In my point of view "writing is a magic and writer is a magician".

Writing is a more powerful magical wand. It spreads huge number of magical sparks towards the reader's world. It drives the readers towards the beautiful wonderland.

Can you live in a two world at a same time? Yup, you may or you can...Most of you think about real world and Utopian world.

"Chill breeze knocks her heart with gentle kiss;

Voice of breeze...."

I'm talking about magical wonderland. It holds love, happiness, friendship, peacefulness, faithfulness, sad, frustration, confusion, funny, loneliness, heartbreak, deep wound and mixed emotions.

Can you feel all emotions in one place?

"Your fragrance of breath soothes all my pain;

Your warmth...."

Yes, a writer can give you that mixed emotions in a place.

I've treasured all my magical sparkles in my book A QUILL WITH NECTAR DROP

Many unspoken emotions are bond up here as a treasure. The sound of my heartbeat, splashing like a drop of honey on every side of my pages. Every word of my whispering voice ids molded with sugar coating. As you begin to read my book it will slowly melt and travel through your eyes, your heart, bones and nerves. Sometimes it will blush your cheeks and sometimes it will make burst into laughter.

My book is available on Amazon, Flipkart, Books club, Kobo, Kindle and Google Play books.

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That's a true blessing. Way to go. Keep up the writing. Proud of you.

Theva Kiruba
Theva Kiruba
Jul 26, 2021
Replying to

Yes purely his blessings.Thanks alot my dear sissy, Means a lot😍❤



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