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2 Seconds of Joy | Sajjad Khan

Can we do it? Will this small wish be full filled? What is going to be use of it? Will it have some huge impact? Why should it have? Why can't we keep it simple, giving a 2 second of happiness to a "Young Soul" who has never ever seen how her name looks in paper and always denied or detained (Not sure) to attempt the touch of pencil or pen.

Meet Khushi, she is one of our ambassadors of #Supplies4Success. A 9 year old girl selling happiness through balloons on the busy roads of Hisar, Haryana. She approached checking on the shiny pen that had in my breast pocket and

asked-aapke paas pen hai na, ik baar dena. (You have a pen, give it to me once).

She started writing on her hands and asked-aapka naam kya hai? (What is your name?)

My reply - Sajjad Khan

Her-Bahut mushkil hai, aasan wala naam batao (It is very difficult, give me your easy name).

Ajay- My friend gave his name.

Me- aap apna naam likh ke batao. (Write and show your name)

Her-mughe apna naam likhna nahi aata(I don't know how to write my name).

Me - aapka naam kya hai( What is your name?)


Me chalo main sikhata hun. (Let me teach) (Handing over my notepad to her) khu.....shi........ Khushi

Khushi rocked she is damn quick learner, her wish came true and that #2Secondof Joy is worth life time memory. With extreme amount of joy and sincere love towards my calling of life with a firm hug and a tick mark very good.

There are a lot of young souls like Khushi, who may or may not attend schools during day time and sell balloons at night. Supplies4Success is an initiative by गली Classes to equip these students with basic school supplies and education. It is a sincere effort with a very clear understanding on it's not any solution or start but a chocolate served on each birthday.

Sajjad Khan

Guidelines for the competition :