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“Our lives might be made out of situations but are shaped by our choices “

We all have hobbies and passions which generally tend to be different from our studies until we figure our way towards life loosing upon on either of them is not the solution instead striking a good balance In between can be one.

For me it’s between writing and studying

Of course ( I guess studying is always a constant here) and one technique I swear by is body of work, if you have a strong body of work supporting your craft you can glide through any situation. Personally speaking I’m involved in the process of writing even when studying or doing anything writing is about ideas it’s about creativity and guess what this extremely creative words is full of ideas. I keep on subconsciously thinking about writing without hampering my focus from my work. Most of you will be thinking, What! How’s that possible? I know… Let me tell you, By increasing your sensitivity regarding things in your surroundings for example:” After attending a 2-hour class I just decided to write down a poem and it had metaphors and links from what was thought in the class”. Most important thing is to have an active and observant mind just be curious even when you’re listening music or talking with your friends, I don’t want to sound cliché but don’t just study for the sake of By hearting but for learning, trust me it won’t just get you good grades but can also serve as a good content for your write ups! Heartfelt poems are never planned, Just always carry your dairy and pen with you everywhere whenever you feel like just pause you schedule and pen it down not only it will help you keep up with writing but also calm your mind as now you’ve let it all out and can peacefully concentrate on your studies.

Also try to watch your every second, just don’t let time fly away without you noticing it, even if you’re watching TV or stalking someone on Instagram just keep yourself aware of what you are doing, might be you end up getting some ideas from there as well “you know! One never knows”. I can’t really Categories the time for writing and studying because I can’t categories or control me emotions, I just tend to scribble All my thoughts throughout the clock most of the times burning the midnight oil and when I legit get time from my studies it’s for editing the craft.

This is how I function but there is no same timetable for everybody, everyone is unique and creative in their own way navigating through the juggle of feeding their stomach and their soul, Just have your priorities clear and you will never run out of time. Always remember “Our lives might be made out of situations but are shaped by our choices "

By:- Shazia.

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