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Reaching Readers Across India: FanatiXx Publication's Offline Book Distribution Strategy

In the world of publishing, distribution plays a crucial role in ensuring that books reach their target audience. While online platforms like Amazon and Kindle have made it easier for authors to reach readers, offline distribution is equally important, especially in a country like India where a significant portion of the population still prefers physical copies of books. FanatiXx Publication offers offline distribution services that make it easy for authors to get their books in front of readers across 55 cities in India.

The process of availing FanatiXx Publication's offline distribution services is straightforward. All an author needs to do is contact them and get on a brief call to understand the entire process, along with 200 books delivered to their address. Once this is done, FanatiXx Publication takes care of the rest. They individually send out the books to multiple bookstores in 55 cities and keep them there for at least three months. There is a FIXED cost incurred in the process which has to be taken care by the author itself.

If the response is good and bookstores order additional copies, FanatiXx Publication offers up to a 50% discount on the additional copies with no additional distribution cost. This means that authors can make a profit even if they offer a discount on their books. On the other hand, if the reviews are not favorable and the sales are not worth it, FanatiXx Publication returns the remaining books to the author along with the sales profits up to 50% of MRP for the books sold.

The benefits of FanatiXx Publication's offline distribution services are many. For one, authors can save time and effort by outsourcing distribution to a professional service provider. This allows them to focus on writing and promoting their books, rather than worrying about logistics. Moreover, FanatiXx Publication's wide reach ensures that books are available in multiple bookstores across India, increasing the chances of discovery and sales.

FanatiXx Publication's offline distribution services also come with the assurance of quality control. Since the books are individually sent out to bookstores, FanatiXx Publication can keep track of which stores are selling the books and how many copies are being sold. This helps them to identify which stores are performing well and which ones need additional support. Additionally, the returns policy ensures that authors do not end up with a surplus of unsold books, reducing the risk of financial loss.

In conclusion, FanatiXx Publication's offline distribution services are an excellent option for authors looking to get their books in front of readers across India. The process is simple and hassle-free, and the benefits are many. With FanatiXx Publication taking care of distribution, authors can focus on what they do best - writing and promoting their books. So if you're an author looking to get your book in bookstores across India, consider FanatiXx Publication's offline distribution services.


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