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Cover Designing- Importance of Cover Designing in a Publishing Platform

"Never judge a book by its cover" this adage has been circulating since centuries but we do judge a book by its cover, right? We do pick up a book from the bookshelf just because it looks pleasing to your eyes, or the cover must have your go-to color, or it could just convey the vibe of genre, theme, content, or it might have graphics that makes you feel connected with the book at first sight. The cover must capture the essence of the content but again with diff people, we can have a multiverse of perspectives of dos and don'ts and whys and how's of making a cover.

In order to get started with the cover, the designing process becomes the pivot here and your content becomes the gravitational force for the pivot to function properly.

What cover must be like?

At FanatiXx Publication, we believe in providing the most creative mind that is out there to not exactly copy your imagination onto a screen, but rather a mind that knows what elements feel right with the content. The cover must be appeasing, vibrant, or dark depending upon the preference of our authors and as well as the genre. The thought direction of the book and the cover must get along it can be aligned but not opposite. Imagine you are in a bookstore, and from the top shelf, you picked a book because it had aesthetic romantic graphics but as soon as you make a purchase and head for your home to read the beauty in your hand. And then to your dismay you find a horror plot inside a romantic genre with no love word written even once! Sounds disturbing right! which also brings me to another point, designing material and the design of the book. For sure I would love to pick up what catches my eye from the corner because I haven't read the book before, my only savior is the book design which determines whether I'll discard it to the shelf or add it to my bookshelf.

And starting from material for the book to the notion that the author has in mind, the graphic designer makes your dream come true by converting those thoughts and pour them into a screen that will be your cover.

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