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“Growth and evolvement should be pertinent, without them life becomes static and mundane”

This statement has been my mantra since the beginning. From a dentist to a dentist/ writer is a journey i partook 2 years back, and since then I have felt a fulfillment that I have never experienced before. The joy of treating patients and at the end of the day expressing my emotions in the pages of my diary, has given me a sense of peace that was once missing from my life.

This wonderful feeling of fulfilment turned into unparalleled excitement, when SPECTRUM OF THOUGHTS, which is an in-house brand of FANATIXX, mailed me and asked me if i would be interested in doing aninternship with them. It is not like I hadn’t written professionally before, because I have had the fortune of publishing my write ups with some amazing anthology publishers like Spectrum of Thought publishers, unvoiced hearts etc, but this meant something different. This meant that I would get to gain an extra professional skill, and that I would finally be able to metamorphose from a budding writer toa professional creator of beautiful literary works.

And thus with exhilaration coursing through my veins, I began my ongoing journey of internship with SPECTRUM OF THOUGHTS, which is a daily process of learning, creating, and stepping out of my comfort zone. This whole ongoing process has given me a new perspective and has motivated me to live a dual successful professional life, without having to give up on either my dental profession or my writing passion.


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