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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Paper Has More Patience Than People - Anne Frank

The above quotation has been extracted from the famous autobiography, 'The Diary of a Young Girl’ by Anne Frank. According to her, a sheet of paper has more patience than normal human beings who are filled with chaos and confusion. Her diary was a silent recorder of her thoughts, non-judgemental and patient. On the other hand, we human beings, being the most reliable and social creatures, rarely listen and tend to judge anything and everything and ultimately make the situation more tragic.

And, from this historic thought conveyed by Anne Frank, we got the theme of our beautiful anthology, Mute Partners.

How peculiarly we humans get attached to things! Maybe because lifeless objects often possess the essence of life. The simple emotion of love, compassion, companionship, care, comfort, and warmth is perceived from objects that we hold close to our hearts. We, humans, are veiled with chaos and all we seek is solace. Everyone is a speaker today but we lack is a patient listener. Often we find these strange connections with objects who hone more belongingness than living beings. We all have that lifeless object which is Mute but has more patience to be a constant Partner. Mute Partners celebrates the quintessence of such silent partners.

It took 5+ months to shape Mute partners into an anthology via processes like selection, rechecking, editing, etc. But the journey was entirely blissful, productive, and amazingly fruitful for both the writers and the compiler. A major token of thanks to Spectrum of Thoughts Publication, which stood solid as a forum and laid the foundation upon which this dream was cocooned.

Celebrating the essence of lifeless objects, 25 passionate writers across the nation- Aashna Chawla, Ayesha Banu, Soumya Sarita Kar, Naiela Omer, Chirag L Sagar, Gloria Paul, Aryansh Arora, Sagnika Dash, Somen Sagar Mishra, Madhusudan Mishra, Ishani Agarwal, Adya Aditi Samal, Patanjali Banerjee, Purabi Biswal, Ankita Guru, Abigail Ocean, Sonali Sahu, Mayuri Valanju, Dorina Rose Hari, Sugirtha Bagavan, Disha Mohapatra, Sulagna Subhadarsini, Rosleen Dung Dung, Anisha Parida, and Pragyanmayee Moharana, have cocooned Mute Partners. It is a tribute to 40+ objects that have been silent companions of the writers.

Thus, with sheer hard work and perseverance, we bagged, Bravo International Book of Records, and that particular moment imparted a feeling that was simply Surreal. Kudos, to the dedication and passion of the compiler of Mute Partners, Ahshaas Hussain, who wombed this dream and ultimately gave life to it.

This journey is not an inspiration for only these 25 writers, but for all those who believe in their dreams. Magic happens to those, who believe in it, have faith in it. This journey not only immortalized the lifeless objects but also proved that to have the essence of life, the thing need not have to breathe.

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