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Shraddha is a lawyer turned Author.She is a people's person. She would like to be there fo

Stiched Heart writings

Stitched heart writing‘s “The Fictional Semantics” is a collection of poetry and prose are of stories left untold.. And takes you through a poetical journey through- Fear that we are succumbing to numeric suggestions that our desires are being forced down to out throats in such large number of faces and scales of data that we all start to captain far too many boats… Finding partners from different regions from many reasons or alternate seasons; Unique feelings and social settings all giving us back different kind of meanings removing from us the normal human condition where we find a stranger hiding in a crowd, attach them to our hearts with absolutely no reason besides the feeling that you want to scream out loud… Breaking out barriers, words rhyming, emotions holding ; words weaved in gold spilled through ink… Stories untold, Utter delusions Uncertain belongings… On the pages of white, dark emotions in black.. cry! Stuck in those paReasons and Laughterlel emotions and world of thoughts.. Just consuming ourselves over Grey tries… That happiness is Pen, Paper, Poetry and Peace…

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Chandu Voore

Chandu Voore

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