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Chandu Voore


Chandu Voore is a Poet, an author who has written poetry that speak emotions that are untold.. lately being receiving appreciations for his poetries. At age 19, Chandu has published his debut poetry series named Stitched Heart Writings.

He has been part of many anthologies where his poetry is celebrated for his eloquence and his verses that take you through a mere glance of a feeling.

Through his poetry he engages with love, loss, trauma, healing, depression and society. For Chandu has always been a collective experience. At the age of 18 he began sharing his work. Pen and poetry is where he found his voice. He began working on his first collection Stitched heart writings. Chandu‘s passion is expression. For him that expression takes many forms. His photography art direction are brought to various spaces around his circle and now his poetry is spreading around the world.