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Vaishnavi Chari's take on Christmas Rhyme

Dear Santa,

I'll not talk about the infinite gifts with which you filled my stockings because you never did. But that doesn't mean you don't exist. You are just too eternal to exist in this mortal world. You made me realise magic is a novella thing. And I'd really thank you for that. 'Cause that's how I relied on more concrete things like hard work and that has made me whatever I am today. Ijust wish this year you give me the strength to "be me" in a world which is changing as per the convenience of others who don't even matter. I know it is no less of a miracle but that's all I wish for. I know you're not real but, Never mind, there are others too who just like you aren't real..So, why should you care? When you, who doesn't exist and still is good to the world. Here, people who exist in flesh and blood too aren't real and aren't even as good as you. It's we who should bother, not you.

Here's my take on this Christmas rhyme

Jingle bells jingle bells Jingle all the way

Keep your stockings ready

It's Christmas today! Heyy..

Jingle bells jingle bells Jingle all the way

Santa Claus is coming around To take your pain away!

Heyy.. See the winter's here

The snow is at its peak

Let's spread joy to everyone

In this blessed week!

Look the angels sing

And cast the spell of love

Everyone's gonna be blessed

By the spirits above!

Heyy.. Jingle bells jingle bells Jingle all the way

Raise a toast to humanity And forget all dismay!!


Yours truely..

Written by: Vaishnavi Chari

Instagram Handle: @mianamica

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