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Udaigiri Amaravathi asks Santa to fulfil her wishes

Hey Santa,

I haven't ever met you but heard a lot about you fulfilling lovely wishes of lovely people around the world. If that is true, then I wish you find the best incarnation of my dad sooner or later in my life come as my life mate. I want to experience the lost dads compassion and love of a husband both in the boy of my life❤. Let I daily get the size of your tummy as my pocket money🤭. May your sleigh be my golden chariot of subway. Also, Take care of your grey moustaches and beard because people who see you always get cheered🎅. Come through my window and catch my shadow because you can't hide as I don't have a home of chimney-slide🤫.

With love,

Your lassie lass,

Amaravathi Udaigiri

Instagram Handle: @Udaigiri.echoes

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