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She - The embodiment of begetter bliss by Udaigiri Amaravathi

To ,

Her in me and all the women in the world.

What is she? A flesh made by the eternal supreme power named God or a creation made out of this undefinable Universe . She that depicts the symbolism of both "O" accompanied by "+" to the posterior ♀️ .

Through this symbolism , Is she hinting the world that she encircles all the beauty within and adds on every grief and pain , laugh and tears into her through all the seasons pass. She is represented to be the weak gender to the world , but how strong she could be ? to be able to compared being weak. Her capabilities to work through any minimal tools she come across in life, and an enmasse of flesh with universal hyperbolas & dashing deer eyes to koel vocals , compared to mountains and streams skillfully attracting a mate for a wholesome date , carry her pathos with utmost passion from care to compassion from prayful cultures to falling prey for rape vultures, from caress to manly harass. May be she was designed to bare and pacify every ordeal existed till date . Yet, her lucid eyes hides all the love , hate, grief and chaos within. She is blonde draping her every valuable bonds in order not to mess things out , may be her masculinity doesn’t lie in her muscles but they are capable of making every man behind either be maternal pregnancy pains or her monthly chums , from hard work driven sweats to blood clot lumps . Yet, that single smile covers her pains. I salute that she in me and every women out there. Yes, that one "S" of her smile can take her strength to million miles .


The She in Me

Written By: Udaigiri Amaravathi

Instagram Handle: Udaigiri_echoes

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Mam proud to be your student. Litreally everyword builts an unknown strength in me.blessed to be your student

Me gusta

You plat a different kind of emotional journey who never ever gab on this hitch. Fabulous dear.

Me gusta

Beautiful ♥

Me gusta

Applauds. Hope you reach more heights with your great ideas 😍

Me gusta

Speechless and amazing amravathi.

Me gusta


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