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My Daughter | Aarna Dutt

She woke up to her daughter screaming out loud , Mumma! Mumma! I'm scared! . Allie picks up her long gown and rushes to Myra's room. There , she sees the little girl hugging her knees, hands over her ears and then covering her eyes , as if she was trying to hide from somebody.

She hugged her daughter and said It's okay!

It was just a nightmare! Relax! Calm down! I'm here. Tell me , what happened? The daughter cries out loud Mumma! There's somebody inside the house !

Allie hugs her even tightly and says "honey it's okay , you had a nightmare. Mumma's here now"

Myra points at the door with her little trembling fingers and says mumma there she is! Allie turned her head and saw a silhouette, holding a knife . Her eyes went wide. She tried to scream for help but no words came out. It started moving closer to them , staring in the eyes of Allie she says "Listen to your kid . Don't be such a bad mom. After all , the little one isn't lying now , is she? " And with that she stabbed her right into her heart with the knife.

She screamed "Aaaaaahhh!"

Her husband woke up and shouted with concern Hey ! Hey! Calm down, you're okay , just breath, you had a nightmare.

She looks around puzzled and scared. She hugs her husband tightly and says "Oh John , that was the worst nightmare ever". She moves away and goes to look for her daughter, in her room she sees her sleeping peacefully. Smiling, she returns back her room. John asks where did go? She replies

smilingly "just had glance at our daughter, honey"

John whispers "Have you lost your mind? . We don't have a daughter!"

Aarna Dutt

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