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"...for me, the progression of my soul is the foremost priority." Says Kanchan Manchanda.

The entire year 2020 went off facing the critical situation of Covid-19. For some, it was indeed a horrible time to cope up with complexities. Some were facing financial crises, some had to undergo a severe health conditions. It was a time when everyone was trying to understand life situations all over. For some, it was indeed good family time and for some spending time with family, was a boring one.

I also lost my job due to the same crisis. And it's a great saying that, 'God never shut one door without opening another.

I used to listen to Bhagavatam lectures on YouTube during my college days.

The year 2020, was a wonderful time for me, though I lost my job. But sometimes losing a job or being at home on your own is not a bad idea.

I started reading scriptures. Engaged me to know more about life. The questions came into my mind what is the purpose of life, why we are here, and so on.

I found that our holy scripture Bhagavat Gita As-It-Is and Srimad Bhagwatam has answers to all our questions. But we do not intend to know. And undoubtedly, it was interesting to know more about ourselves thru scriptures. It's a treasure and ocean that has everything in it.

After getting some knowledge thru various YouTube sources. I started to practically follow the injunctions. My mother gave me the idea of writing a book. So I started writing and after reaching the final stage I found the wonderful publishing house, FanatiXx publication, the team guided me well in the entire journey.

The Directives have been given in this book for the human to lead their life while realizing the real purpose and make it worth it. After reading this book, one may shift to our real book of life i.e., Bhagavad Gita As-It-Is, and solve all your worries of life and lead a satisfactory, peaceful, and happy life.

Allow yourself to sit for a while and think and why you are suffering, why you are not able to find permanent happiness, and many questions like.

If you would like to know about yourself then grab this book, 'The Directives of Life: An Elective choice' from Amazon

And try to know yourself, and later on shift to our real book of life i.e., Bhagavad Gita As-It-Is.

You can connect with me at my insta handle page i.e., @directions_forthesoul

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