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Are we even humans without our emotions?- "An Emotional Hurl"

In thy emotions lie thy intelligence termed differently but have the same rudiments.

The significance of emotional intelligence is highly underrated. Is it just intellectual knowledge that will lead you to your destination in life?

Well, I would suggest no, it would not. We have been glued to the idea that all we need to be accomplished in life is a high IQ. We have a fixed mindset that emotions must not be involved in rational decisions but researchers have proved it to be untrue. It has an opposite effect than what it is expected to be.

Are we even humans without our emotions? Some emotions are good while others are bad. But this is not how it is. Emotional intelligence is not blindly following your emotions but guiding them to the right path.

Most people misinterpret emotional intelligence and struggle with them because of the innumerable myths and misconceptions about it.

It is that blend of sentiments and thinking that will lead you to success and true happiness in each aspect of life.

"An Emotional Hurl" is an anthology that highlights the importance of emotional intelligence not only by providing definitions from bookish researches only but also from real-life experiences gained by each of its co-authors. It is a combination of learning and adaptability that the book brings to light. Our Experiences are the greatest lessons that lead to evolution in life and make us who we are.

This anthology will not furnish you with what most books on this topic have to offer to its readers but is sure to give its readers an outlook unusual from that of others.

Emotional intelligence can be learned and developed. Our brains have a remarkable ability to keep learning and growing throughout our lives and emotional intelligence skills are no different. They can be learned and improved with focused attention and effort. Find this book on Amazon to read...

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