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A Poem to Santa by Pratima Raj

Dear Santa,

Get ready as December has arrived

To sing the Christmas Carols

To make our night special and bright.

Christmas tree has been decorated

Stars on the roof are shinning bright,

Some goodies to munch on,

And sharing it with friends with love and pride.

Have you penned the names of the children in your list?

Has the gifts and chocolates kept at the backseat locked with the zip?

I am nervous as you shouldn't be late,

Children are desperate to see their Santa flying on his sleigh

And I wish to see a grin on every child's face.

Listen Santa, I have widened my home chimney

For you to slide in easily,

As I Just want a glimpse of your big tummy happy face.

Oh Santa! Don't be late,

My eyes are wandering

Looking out for you and your sleigh

Written by: Pratima Raj

Instagram Handle: @pratimaraj03

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