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A letter to Santa by Simmi Bhatnagar

Dear Santa,

Hey! I hope you see this. This is the first time, I'm asking you for something and I guess, you will give me *ask one, get one more offer* I really hope that. I just want you to know that I've never believed in you but this time I am ready to believe in you and decide to ask you for a quirky yet meaningful wish. I have been told that when someone prays for another with their whole heart, it works magically. I want to try that with you. Don't laugh, that I'm acting to wish for others and not myself. I'm asking to sprinkle magic dust of satisfaction on your way to every home as you go to drop their gifts. Yes, what is the point of having everything when we aren't satisfied? I know, we hear that we need happiness but I believe, we can be happy for a certain thing and yet not be satisfied with it. Satisfaction is the core behind every wish and desire. Now, if I've impressed you, I assume you will give me another wish, (remember, it's my first time asking you) I request you to wrap all the gifts with the sheet of gratefulness. Thank you in advance as I'm satisfied with the fact that you have received my letter and you're deciding to fulfill both of it. Also, I'm writing this with a heart full of gratefulness. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Come soon!


Instagram: @sims_stellar

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