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A letter to Santa by Niriksha Patel

Dear Santa,

As kids we all believe that magic is real and as we grow up we are conditioned to believe that there is no such thing as magic. But I have seen people creating magic. There are scientists who have created magic through their inventions. There are artists who have created art that is magically beautiful. There are doctors who have magically healed people. According to me not all the magic requires a magic wand, cauldron or chants. There is some magic that can also be created through our soul power.

With few practices like having positive thoughts, words and actions; always being happy no matter what; not to gossip, judge or criticize people; daily meditation; positive affirmations; visualizations; being emotionally strong are few of the ways to increase our soul power. It is my humble desire to spread the awareness about soul power through interesting and magical stories to kids. This Christmas I want your blessings so that I can empower myself, to empower the entire generation of kids so that they can create their own magic. Because there is a Santa in each of us, we just need to awake him and make this world a magical place to live in.

Written by: Niriksha Patel

Instagram Handle: @Themagiclessons

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