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Shraddha is a lawyer turned Author.She is a people's person. She would like to be there fo

The Cloning Conspiracy

Year 2020: Randhir Mehta was elated with the success of his devious plan hatched long back. The Prime Minister Samir Roy was abducted and kept as a hostage in the sequester research centre of the Mehtas. The guileful Mehtas deluded the Nation with a cloned Prime Minister Prasoon. Getting a breakthrough in the unethical and morally questionable science was indeed arduous for the Mehtas. With their team of handpicked scientists, they delved in the undercover cloning web some three decades back along with their global alliance. The outcome was a scientific breakthrough in human cloning, which the world was never aware of during that era. The purpose was to gain dominance and supremacy of the country. Year 2021: The sagacious mind of the Prime Minister's secretary Sadashiv Unnikrishnan perceived something dubious from his behavioural pattern. If he could trust his hunches based on the fact that the current Prime Minister was a clone, then the Nation was staring at a catastrophe. Soon a closed team of security and medical experts were arrayed to probe deeper. If proven true, the swapping of the real Prime Minister with his clone would be another mystery to unravel. Could Sada's sneaking suspicion look beyond the shadows and sense the invincible ploy? What innovative cutting-edge technology was behind the creation of the clone well before the world knew its first mammalian clone? What technology was used to communicate with and control the actions of the clone? Can Sada and his team hatch a prudent plan to save their real Prime Minister or the Mehtas have innovative ideas to turn to superpowers The story explores these and the lesser-known facts about cloning and whirls into a thriller. A daunting mission to dig out the truth and save the country is on the cards.

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Arijit Goon

Arijit Goon

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