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Shraddha is a lawyer turned Author.She is a people's person. She would like to be there fo

Shree Rama Rajya

About the Book: Shree Rama Rajya book is presented by Shree Rama Rajya Parishad is an entity to bring a prayojan to awaken 21st century Hindu Jana and lead them towards “Dharma Yogita”. The messages from book awaken Hindu Jana to move from a state of imperfection to a state of perfection: One Jiva at a time, one Samaj at the time, one Nagar at a time, and one Mahajanapada at a time. About Shree Rama Rajya Parishad: Shree Rama Rajya Parishad urges Hindu Jana to accept Bhagwan Mansha (wisdom) to have diversity and distribution of Guna (gifts and skills. It motivates Hindu Jana to grow up to be Shishu Praudha (adult children) of Bhagwan. As Praudha, they will not only take care of themselves but also help Muka (mute), Akantha (voiceless), and Vidhura (helpless). It supports a free-market economy. And accept inequality due to diversity and inequality of skills. Parishad believes in an elected civilian government with limited-term dictatorial powers. Their primary roles would be to maintain Dharma (law and order), Samanta (fairness), and act as managers of the public resources; passing new laws and regulations would be their secondary role. To know more:

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