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Shraddha is a lawyer turned Author.She is a people's person. She would like to be there fo

Pop Your Bubbles

Each person harbors a multitude of bubbles, pre- conceived either by the strokes of a friend's imagination or by the endless loops of their own thoughts. Every idea, every concept, every belief you have nurtured over the years has birthed a bubble of its own. These bubbles possess a unique characteristic they either burst on their own, require a gentle nudge from the wind, or a precise prick to pop.

This book is ready with a needle of other perceptions to prick, if you allow. I shall let the good bubbles pass, the redundant bubbles wither and burst the unnecessary ones. Because, being imprisoned in the superfluous bubbles will make your life difficult, ruin your peace and choke you. This is what "POP YOUR BUBBLES" is all about offering a broader perspective, peeling away layers of thought so you can see the world through a different lens, just as I once did. I have observed, experienced, learnt, and now, I am here to impart this wisdom. It's not magic, I'll unveil the secret recipe and ignite magic within you, because I understand who you are."

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