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Queeny Yalangi

Queeny Yalangi is a writer from Hyderabad, Telangana. Currently she is working for an MNC. She is an MBA graduate but her love for English language made her a writer. She was always fascinated with the bed time stories her mom used to tell her since childhood. Without listening to stories she would never go to sleep. That interest in stories made her read so many books and novels. Her passion towards reading grew more and she started reading more than 25 books a month. Then she began writing since 2011 and never looked back.

She started writing real stories and articles about people around her, and also initiatives like "Voice of the Voiceless" for the poor and deprived people to bring change in their lives. She also started writing "Inner Voice" about purpose of life. She has a blog titled "Life in Hyderabad" where she writes about the incidents and people she came across in her daily life. Very recently she launched a Podcast named "Life in Hyderabad" on Spotify app to get close to her readers. Her audio content got very much attention from everyone. She talks about hope, optimism on her podcast.

Apart from writing she is also an abstract painter. She believes that colors has a language and they can speak. So she uses black color in most of her paintings. All the paintings and sketches in this book are her original works. She loves to cook food in her free time, and explores different food tastes. She also loves to decorate home. Traveling is a stress buster for her and she loves to travel alone.


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